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Choosing a Computer

-You should always list your wants/needs for an employee to help you choose the right computer.

-Find an open source, make sure the download is legal, find the best price before downloading.

-Your info, once it's on the internet, is not saved on your computer. It's actually saved on a separate host called a Cloud.

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Wireless Communication

-Once something is posted into the internet or sent to someone, you have no control over it.

-While in some places, you can't receive data, if you go over your data plan. If you go over your data plan, you should try to fix it or talk to your parents about it.

-Texting while driving is never safe, you should always fond someone who isn't driving to do it for you or put your phone away.

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The Viral World

-A safe site will have a small lock symbol before "https://" and should have information available about the author/creator.

-It only takes a moment for someone to gain your personal information, be safe with it and don't share passwords.

-On social media,you should keep your information private and change privacy setting to whatever you are comfortable with.

-It is very easy to download a virus, you should never open strange messages or links.

-Anyone, even someone you know, could hack your social media account or device and gain your personal information.

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Internet Resources and Credibility

-One mistake on the internet could cost you majorly later in life, especially plagiarizing.

-You should always give credit to the source you got your information from.

-A credible source should always have information on the author, proven facts or information, and should have been updated recently.

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Creating Multimedia Projects

-You can't use other people's work and claim it as your own. If you do, you have to give the author credit and/or get their permission.

-Posting copyrighted material for people to download is illegal and can have serious consequences.

-Copyrighting your material is important, you can copyright almost anything concrete (music, t-shirts, books, NOT ideas or facts)

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Digital Relationships and Respect

-Posting about someone/targeting them in a bad way has serious consequences and can hurt the victim.

-Cyberbullying can have serious consequences for both the victim and the bully. You can be charged with misdemeanor or even criminal charges. 84% of the time, the victim knows the bully

-Posts to the internet get around quickly and can be harmful to others

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