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April 2013

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Websites to Know About


Gliffy (http://www.gliffy.com) is an online diagramming service that helps users communicate with a combination of shapes, text, and lines. This is an excellent resource when making graphic organizers, flow charts, venn digrams, or other visual resources. A basic, introductory account is free, but users can pay a nominal fee for advanced features.


Download Jing (www.techsmith.com/Jing) to create images and videos of what you see on your computer screen, and then share them instantly! With Jing, users can annotate screenshots, record video tutorials, and share the results quickly and easily. Jing videos are limited to five minutes, which allows for quick, focused communication. This is a great way to capture lessons or student presentations.

Other Information to Know About

A Decade of Change

Click the video below to see how technology has changed throughout the last decade. Over 2,000 props were used in this stop motion video. How much do you remember from the past?
A Decade of Change