Air, Land, and Sea

Invertebrates That Fly

Ladybugs are not bad but they are good for your plants they are bugs on your plants but ladybugs eat these so if you see a lady bug on your plant leave it alone because its helping you. The bumblebee is very dangerous they have sent 500,000 people to the hospital I bet you they all messed with the bumblebee and had to go to the hospital because they got stung. Dragonflies can come in many different ways if your'e lucky enough you could see two dragonflies on each other while flying dragonflies are found most often over an ocean or lake.

Invertebrates That Live on the Ground

Grasshoppers have good legs they hop and you can find grasshoppers are found most in grassy places so if you have a good yard with lots of grass your probably hear them because they also make noise. Praying mantis there are lots of praying mantises there are up to 2,000 praying mantises found on the entire world.

Underwater Invertebrates

A jelly fish doesn't have a back bone they don't even have a brain when something happens on one side then its transmitted to the head instantly when ever something happens on one side it reacts right away. A squid doesn't have a backbone because they have to many legs to have a backbone. Even though we have a backbone when your born we have brains so we need a backbone for transmissions but a squid has many legs. A squid doesn't even have bone's it's just skin , mussel.