Want to improve your memory?

Read below for some tips!

Can you remember what you ate or breakfast yesterday?

Memory is such an important thing in life. Your hippo-campus is always at working helping you to remember things that you have seen or learned throughout your life. You use it more then you realize. Without memory, you wouldn't remember things as simple as how to brush your teeth, or get dressed in the morning! Below, I will list a few tips on how to improve your memory!

Tips to improve your memory!

  • Attention: paying attention will help your improve your memory in more ways then one. being able to focus and keep your mind in one spot will help make your brain pay attention to what you are studying
  • Relate New things to things you already know: Relating things that you already know to new items that you are learning will give you a higher chance of learning the new objective.
  • Sleep: It may seem crazy, but something as simple as sleep will help to improve your memory. By allowing your brain to rest, you will be able to better focus on things you are studying.
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