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A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of September 16, 2019

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • Ms. Mendoza's Baby Shower on Monday, September 16 at 3:30 pm in Library!!
  • Vertical Math Planning (1/2 Day) on Tuesday, September 17 from 12-4 pm with Mr. A
  • ELL Toolkit (Listening & Speaking) on Tuesday, September 17 at 4 pm, Mountainview Elementary
  • Blended Learning Meeting on Tuesday, September 17 at 4:30 pm at Admin Building Conference Room
  • ELAR Adoption Webinar in library on Tuesday, September 17 at 4:00 pm
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, September 18
  • PLCs on Thursday, September 19
  • Technology Update Form due by Friday, September 20 (see below)
  • Mentor Orientation/Work Day for First Presbyterian on Saturday, September 21

  • Family Goal Setting Conferences all week of September 23
  • Conference Late Night on Tuesday, September 23 until 7:30 pm. Pizza and salad will be provided for staff!
  • End 1st Six Weeks/Grades due on Friday, September 27

Coming Up: RtI A-Z Meetings with all teachers during the week of September 30

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Captain's Log

First Presbyterian will be having a work day at Alta Vista on Saturday, September 21. If you have anything you would like help with, please email me (IE: cutting out laminating, bulletin board, assembling folders, etc).

RtI A-Z Meetings will be with Mrs. Helton during week of October 1. During this meeting, we will tier all students and discuss intervention plans. Please click the link below to schedule your meeting (required for all teachers/teams):

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all ESL teachers attend the ELL Toolkit on Tuesday because of the focus on listening and speaking. This is our weakest area on ELL testing. See flier below and sign up in Eduphoria.

Make sure lesson plans are in personal planner. Don't forget to include how you are differentiating for different student groups, including ESL/Bilingual (Think about ELPS!). Include what formative assessment tools you are using to gauge student understanding.

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Goal Setting Conference

Make sure you are contacting all your families to schedule student goal-setting conferences for the week of September 23 (Late night on Tuesday, September 24 to 7:30 pm).

You can use this template (Make A Copy to Google Drive):

Here is the goal setting conference form to use with families:

Here are some other sample data forms:

Conscious Discipline & CHAMPS

Our focus for the month of September in Morning Meetings will be RESPECT. Lesson plans are here:

Required activities for the month are starting our year-long kindness challenge on September 16 (with Kindness "Tree").


Please make sure you have updated your technology on your room number tab here by September 20:

Ms. Boggess will be doing a visual check on all devices once NWEA Map testing is complete.

Please complete the technology survey (link below) so that we can plan better professional development and order the types of technology that you want to use in the classroom. Complete ASAP!

Fact Fluency Assessments

Remember that you should be doing a 5-10 minute daily fact fluency lesson each day in math. Here's the skill focus for September.

Kindergarten: Numbers to 5

1st Grade: +1 Facts and Turnarounds (Example: 2 + 1 and 1 + 2)

2nd Grade: +1 Facts and Turnarounds (Example: 2 + 1 and 1 + 2)

3rd-5th Grade: Review of Addition Facts

At the end of each month, you should be doing an assessment (except grades 3-5 until November). Here are the links to the assessments. These assessments are very short but should be done 1:1 in order to assess what strategy students are using to solve the problem.

Addition Fluency Assessments:

Multiplication Fluency Assessments:


We will continue to discuss SLO this week in PLCs. You should have your SLO beginning of year assessment done in order to set Initial Skill Levels on the SLO Student Growth Tracker (attached below). Bring your laptop, completed assessments and SLO Student Growth Tracker form.

ELAR Textbook Adoption Information & Training

There will be a webinar in the library on September 17 and 23 to learn about the new ELAR textbook adoption. Please join the webinar before 4:00 to make sure everything works. Make sure you sign in! For teachers who will not be able to watch the webinar, we will have a recorded version available after the last webinar on September 23rd. The webinar will cover the following in order for teachers to begin using the lessons in the Pacing Guides the 2nd 6 weeks. Teachers will still be responsible for studying the TEKS Resource documents (IFD) for teaching to the specificity of their grade level ELAR TEKS.

  • How to get started planning
  • How to find module lessons
  • Walk through teacher’s guides
  • Module Tab review
    • Week at a Glance
    • Lessons that go with the week
  • Teaching PAL
  • Explore ED (online)
    • Resources
    • Professional Learning – video
    • PLG download

There are several other parts to HMH, but we will be slowly working with teachers on other parts throughout the year. Teachers and campuses are welcome to start exploring all the parts and implementing what works for them. Sign in to HMH online is available through Clever. Please let Paul Mach know if you are not able to get on.

When you receive your new adoption, you are welcome to unbox it, but keep materials together. The district will be coming to barcode all the materials, so they need to be easily accessible.

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Staff of the Week

Congratulations to Ms. Greer for being our TEACHER OF THE WEEK. She has done a great job implementing a new token system and working with the behavior team to help her students make positive behavior choices.

Congratulations to Mrs. Olivarez for being our STAFF OF THE WEEK. She has been working closely with Mrs. Spark to develop and implement engaging library lessons that students love.

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Branching Minds To-Dos

Don't remember how to complete your to-do list in Branching Minds? Here's a quick video to show you how!

GT Nominations

The window for nominating GT students is open now through October 31 for students in grades 1 and 3-12 (2nd graders are being screened). You will also receive GT nominations training during faculty meeting on September 18.

The process for GT nominations has changed slightly to please read carefully. All questionnaires, except the Nomination Form, must be completed digitally using Google forms this year.

Resources for nominations:


1. Have parent give permission to test for GT using the "Nomination Form."

2. Send home the link to the digital Parent Questionnaire or provide parent with a paper copy. You will have to input the parent questionnaire answers into the digital Parent Questionnaire.

3. Complete the digital Teacher Questionnaire.

4. Have your student use a computer to complete the digital Student Questionnaire.


Dreambox is live and ready for your students for math.

Teacher login:

School website for students:

School Code for the Ipad app: b4aj/7uzr

Resources for Motivation:

Introducing to your Class:

How Students Login:

See chart below for campus expectations for usage. If you need any help getting going, please talk to Mrs. Helton.

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NWEA MAP Testing

NWEA Map testing will start on Monday, September 9 for grades K-5 and must be completed by Friday, September 20. Ms. Boggess will be coordinating technology usage for these tests.

Before testing starts, you need to watch the short video below and then view the 2 learning modules discussed in the video.

NWEA Professional Online Learning overview
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Math & Science Vertical Planning Days

Region 12 will be planning with vertical teams (math & science) throughout the school year. Planning will be 1/2 day each from 12-4 pm. You will need to create a 1/2 day school business absence in TEAMS for the afternoon if you plan that specific subject (1 per grade level).

Math Planning Dates (Grades K-5): September 17, October 28, December 10, February 18

Science Planning Date (Grades 3-5 Only): October 15, November 12, January 10, February 19

Please work with Ms. Bonnie to secure subs for these days (grades 3-5 only). Grades K-2 will use the aides assigned to their grade level.

Box Cards & One Eyed Jacks Training for Math Coming November 14

Box Cars & One Eyed Jacks will be at Alta Vista Elementary on November 14 to train all math teachers in grades 1-5 on the resources that were purchased this summer.

Grades 3-5 Training: 8 am - 11 am

Grades K-2 Training: 12 pm - 3 pm

You will need to create a 1/2 Day School Business Absence in TEAMS (7:45-11:45 or 11:45-3:45). Please work with Ms. Bonnie to secure subs. The subs in the morning will be able to cover the afternoon classes for the lower grades (if you don't have an aid in your room).

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