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*NEW* Library Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition Champion Checkouts. In this edition you will find information to help you find valuable resources to further enhance the fabulous lessons you present in your classroom. Enjoy!

Upcoming Library Events

Book Fairs:
Fall: October 20-24 (Teacher Preview: October 17th from 2:30-3:15).
Spring: February 9-13 (Teacher Preview: February 6th from 2:30-3:15).

Author Visits:

November 7th: Author Keith Graves for grades K-2 (in the AM)

March 6th: Author Kate Klise for grades 3-5 (in the AM)

Battle of the Books (BOB): 4th grade

Campus Battle: May 6th (AM)

Teacher & Staff Checkouts

  • Teachers may checkout as many books as needed (Remember: Don't check out more books than you can keep track of.....books tend to end up where they don't belong). Please share the treasure! Don't take ALL of the books on the topic you are studying, leave some for your fellow grade level friends to use too.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL): If we don't have a book that you need for a lesson, please ask Ingrid or Jennifer if we can get you a copy from another NEISD library. Please note: if the suggested title is listed in the scope and sequence, other teachers in the district will be using it too. We may not be able to get you a copy of the title if the teacher's at the campus you are requesting the book from are using it. We are not able to ILL copies for an entire grade level. If available, we may ILL up to 3 copies of a book. Please email us your ILL requests at least 2 weeks prior to needing them.
  • Playaways and DVD's: Playaway's are all-in-one audiobooks (kind of like an MP3 player). We have many titles available (some come with the accompanying book). These are great for centers or read alouds (just hook up to your docking station via the audio cord). Look for the audio book icon when searching titles via eLibrary. DVD's are located in the AV Room of the library (where we do morning announcements). Love Bill Nye? We own several of his DVD's.
  • Region 20 Living Science Center: Make science come alive in your classroom by ordering a small mammal, non-poisonous snakes, turtles or plants from the Region 20 Living Science Center. Go to this link for the order form: Region 20 makes deliveries and pickups to the Cibolo Green library on Wednesday mornings around 10.
  • Closed Circuit TV: To broadcast a video to your entire grade level at one time (and it is in your lesson plans, of course!) sign up for a slot in the library. The Closed Circuit schedule is located under the TV in the AV room. Please send a student down to the library with the DVD at the time you would like it to be played. We may not see reminder IM's sent to us. We are usually out and about in the library assisting students and teachers.
  • eBook and Audiobook Collections: If you can't find a print copy of a book that you need, don't forget to look in the NEISD eBook collections.Links to these collections are on the CG Library Welcome LibGuide:
Did you know that your students have access to a google account through NEISD? These accounts may be used to save student work and they are accessible from anywhere.

Use this link:

  • Username: the same username you use to log in to school
  • Password: ne+your student id, without any spaces

You may also find this information on the Cibolo Green Library Welcome LibGuide.

Genrefying: Coming to CG Library

Genre, Genre, Genre. That seems to be the buzz word when it comes to reading lately. In an effort to support your curriculum needs, we will be "genrefying" the fiction area of our library this year. Please keep in mind that this is an ongoing project, it will not happen overnight. Here is the list of genres we will be using to categorize our books:

  • Realistic Fiction
  • Humor
  • Scary
  • Animal Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Adventure
  • Sports Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
* I will have a genre "cheat sheet" available for students to use when they are considering the genre of a book they are checking out. You may also find a copy of this form on the CG Library Welcome LibGuide.

*Whew! If you have read this entire newsletter, please stop by the library for a sweet treat! Thanks for reading this all the way through.

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