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I am Kaitlynn Aparicio

My name is Kaitlynn. I am half Filipino and half Spanish, but I was born in Canada. My favourite colours are black and blue. I enjoy hanging out with friends and going to the movies. I also love writing stories and taking pictures. I absolutely adore animals and dream of having one someday. I love music, I listen to it everyday. I listen to almost everything excpet for country, opera, classical, and maybe some other genres. Music helps me get through my day. When ever I am sad or lonely, I listen to music to make me feel better. Some of my hobbies include drawing and reading books. I am a determined, friendly, and kind person who works well with other people. I am always eager to learn about the stuff I tend to love. I am shy, but I am working on being more social and making new friends. I try to put meraki in my work. Making it the best I possibly can. I am Kaitlynn Aparicio, and now you know more about me.

Flags of My Background

The Quote

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This shows that even when life is tough and everything feels terrible, no matter what, I'll always be aiming for the best in life. Even when I'm feeling down and nothing seems to be going right anymore, I will always end up focusing on stuff that me feel better and become better. The struggles in my life right now will help me become stronger. I will look back at my life knowing I faced those struggles and aimed for something better.

Artwork and Photography

The Stuff That Interest Me

The Stuff I Can Not Stand

I Want to Be a Veterinarian

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The word veterinarian comes from the Latin word veterinae, meaning "working animals".

Who is a Veterinarian

A veterinarian is an animal doctor. They take care and heal the animals that have been injured or ill. Veterinarians can take care of small, large, and wild animals. The vet is the person who tells you what you can do so your pet is healthy and happy. Veterinarians perform surgeries on animals, heal broken bones, and clean the teeth.

A vet can work at places like an animal clinic, a farm, or a zoo. In fact, veterinarians also inspect places like a farm to make sure the animals are safe and healthy. They also inspect any place that deals with animals to make sure everything is going great.

Another thing a vet could do, will be trying to come up with medicines.

Multiple Intelligence Results and a Veterinarian

Logical Learner:

  1. A vet is an animal doctor, and to be a doctor you will need to know science and math.
  2. A logical learner exceeds at subjects such as science and math.

Kinaesthetic Learner

  1. Working with animals means working with your hands.
  2. Kinaesthetic learners work best with their hands.

Naturalistic Learner

  1. A veterinarian takes care of animals.
  2. A naturalistic learner enjoys being around animals.

The Future of Vets

Unlike many other careers today, the job of a veterinarian will never go instinct. There may be a lot of technology to help a veterinarian do their job, but technology itself will never be able to take over a vets job. Veterinarians will always be needed to take care of the animals in our world. Unless there are no more animals in our world, the job of a vets will never die. In fact it is estimated that from the year of 2014 to the year of 2024, the job of a vet will increase by about 9%. There are many people out there who do have a desire to work as a animal doctor.

Equipment of a Veterinarian

Salary of a Vet

The salary of a veterinarian is high. At the beginning of the job, you will be paid approximately $60,000 to $80,000. And just like many other jobs, the more work and experience you do will increase your salary. This is why there is no approximate answer as to how much you may be paid.

In about 5 years, the salary of a vet could be approximately $12,000 to about $16,000.

0.02% x 5 = 0.1

0.1 x 60,000 = 60,000

60,000 + 60,000 = 1200


0.02 x5 = 0.1

0.1 x 80,000 = 80,000

80,000 + 80,000 = 16,000.

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WHMIS of a Vet

The work of a vet is not just using a stethoscope and listening to the animals heart. It is not that simple. The work of a veterinarian can be very dangerous. You could be working with many different types of dangerous chemicals, or, you could get a disease from the pet/animal you are working with. Here are just a few examples of what might happen to you during the job:

  1. Animal attack: Not all animals are extremely friendly when it comes to getting their shots. You must be aware that some animals may hurt you. They might not be doing it on purpose, but they are a creature of habit.
  2. Diseases: Just because the disease is from the animal, does not mean it can get transferred to you. Many people do get sick from the sickness of their pet. It is one of the reasons why they are taken to a veterinarian.
  3. Chemicals: Vets work a lot with chemicals. Whether that being from giving the animal anesthetic to the drugs in their medicine, vets work with chemicals a lot in their job. It is very important to make sure that you wear the right equipment so you will not get hurt or sick.

WHMIS Symbols of a Vet

Education of a Vet

It takes about 8 years for a person to become a veterinarian. You will first have to take 4 years at a college to earn your bachelor of science degree. Then you will have to take 4 more years at a vet college. At the vet college, you will get deep into learning about performing surgery on animals and working with one. To get into these collages, you should at least have experience with animals.

The courses you take will mostly be science courses. Some of them include:

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Nutrition
  5. Animal Science
  6. English
  7. Math

An Application for a Vet

General Information

The University of Guelph is one of the best universities in Canada that deal with animals. If you are going for veterinarian medicine, here is some information you will need to know about this course:

  1. The length of the program is 4 years.
  2. One semester cost about $5,004.60
  3. There is no co-op option.
  4. There is also no part time study option.
  5. The Credential Award you will be receiving is the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Student Life

If you are planning to go to the University at Guelph, then here's what you need to know about the student life:

  1. The cost of residence at the University cost approximately from $5,200 to $8,100.
  2. The meal would be around $3,685 - $5,680.

Budget After University or College

After University or College, I'll have to save a lot of money to live my life afterwards. My parents and the government might not be there to help me pay for the expenses of everything I will own and have to pay. So I have created a personal budget. This budget is annually.

  1. Housing: $9,600
  2. Food: $2,400
  3. Clothing/Laundry: $6,000
  4. Transportation: $240
  5. Cell Phone: $480
  6. Internet/Television: $480
  7. Entertainment: $1,200
  8. Recreation/Hobbies: $670
  9. Travel: $600
  10. Medical Expenses: $420
  11. Other Expenses: $600

The total budget of the entire year would be about $22,290. I may not have enough money right after college or university to afford $22,290 a year, so I will have to reduce some of the stuff I do. If I must reduce stuff, it will be the unimportant things. Those stuff include entertainment and recreation. The more important stuff I will have to save for would be the medical expenses.

Awards and Honours

Right now I only two awards that I have achieved in thelast two years. The first would be in grade 8 when I joined the volleyball team and I was picked to be in the girls and boys mixed team. We won 4th place. The second award I got was a French award. I was recognized by my French teacher and received a small certificate proving that I was recognized.

I do plan on getting more awards and honours and recognition by working harder and participating more. I will work hard in class and get the best marks I can. I will also join more sports at school hoping I get picked for the team. I will also try to join sports outside of school such as skating and tae kwon do.

Volunteering and Commendation

So far, I only have 3 volunteer hours. I achieved these hours by volunteering at Ascension of Our Lord secondary school. What I did was working on a mosaic with my partner and showing of our art work to the grade 8. That way the grade 8 will be persuaded to join art in their years at Ascension.

I will be getting more volunteer hours soon. I want to volunteer at a pet shelter. But I have to be 16 to go there. So when I am 16 I will go to the shelter and get all or most of my hours. Another way i would get volunteer hours would be my volunteering with my friend. We both want to get hours together. I will take any opportunity I get to earn my hours.

I also do not currently have any commendation letters. But I will try my best to be recognized by my teachers or any other adult for doing my best. I will try to join and participate in sports or any activities inside or outside of school. Therefore, there will be someone to recognize how much I try and how good I am.


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I have achieved this certificate on May 17 for completing a babysitting course.

Reference Letters

Resume: A Work In Progress

School So Far


Other Classes

High School Transcript

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Future Plans

The future is ahead of us, and I must start planning on what kind of things I will do to make sure I will be happy about my future. Just because the future is far, does not mean I cannot start preparing for it.

1 Year After Careers

I have learned a lot from taking the careers course. After this course, I will do everything I can to make sure I have the experience and skills to get into the University of Guelph for Veterinarian Medicine. Then when I graduate, I will make sure I get the job. Here is my plan on what I will do after this course to achieve and complete my goal

  1. February: I need experience with animals to become a veterinarian. So when I turn 16, I am going to go to a pet shelter and get my volunteer hours over there.
  2. March: Join a sport (hopefully tae kwon do) where I can have extra curricular achievements and awards that I can put in a future resume.
  3. April: Look up some more information on what I will have to do to become a veterinarian in the future.
  4. May: I will study for the upcoming exams. Since I have science next semester and vets deal with science,I have to make sure I finish that course with a high mark.
  5. June: Maybe make a photography blog/website where people can visit my website. This may give them an idea of what type of person I am.
  6. July: If I have enough experience with animals, I will try to apply for a job as a vet assistant. That way I get even more experience. Also, I can see if I really want to become a vet when I am older.
  7. August: I will start to get ready for the next school year of grade 11. Universities and Collages will definitely look at my marks here, I want to get high marks.
  8. September: I want to start of the new school year great. I want to be better and more interactive than I am this year.
  9. October: Try to visit the University or Collage that I will want to go to in the future.
  10. November: Visit places where animals are kept and the working ranges of a vet.
  11. December: Start working on CPTs so I do not have to stress out when exams are near.
  12. January: Study for the first exams of grade 11.

10 Year Goal

I have many goals that I want to complete and achieve. I want to know that I did something amazing and be proud of it. These are a few goals that I would like to complete in 10 years or less.

  1. A photography website: I have been thinking about creating a website to display my photos. It would be have a successful website of my own, or maybe with a friend. As long as it is created, I do not mind making it with someone.
  2. Joining Tae Kwon Do: If there is one sport that I am interested in doing right now, it will have to be doing tae kwon do. Tae kwon do is a Korean martial arts of self defense. I think it would be fun to learn how to fight. So if I ever need to defend myself from the bad guys, I will be prepared!
  3. Skating: Another sport or hobby that I would enjoy doing more often would be skating. I love going outside in the winter and skating around on the ice. It is so much fun for me. One type of skating that I am thinking of joining is speed skating.
  4. Family time: I do want to spend more time with my family. Whether that be from spending time with my brother, mom, dad, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or even family from another country when they visit. I am always in my own world doing my own things, and they are always at work or busy doing their things. I want things to be like how they used to be before, when we all spent family time with each other.
  5. Being with friends: Other than family, I would also want to spend more time with my friends. I do not see them as much as I use to before because I switched schools and moved. We either do not have time to see each other because of school work or because our schedules get in the way of seeing each other. I would like that to change. I do not want to lose them just because we can not hang out as much.
  6. Part time job: I want to earn some money so I can pay of the things I want instead of asking my parents to buy me stuff all the time. I want to know that I will be able to pay of things by myself without anyone's help.
  7. Volunteering: To finish of high school, I have to complete 40 hours of volunteering. If I have to volunteer somewhere, I want to volunteer at a pet shelter, therefore I can earn experience with animals to become a vet.
  8. Traveling: After high school, if I have enough money, I would love to travel around the world to any where. It does not matter who I travel with, as long as I have someone to come with me and enjoy the experience of traveling.
  9. University or Collage: I need to go into university or collage. I must get into it so I can have the knowledge of who I will become in the future.
  10. My career: Lastly, I want to start working in my career. I want to know that I have accomplished my dream job and I want to start earning money from the career of my choice. I want to be proud of myself that I can achieve something special.

Standard of Living

In the future, I want to live the life I imagined to have. I want to be happy with the life I created for myself. I want to have and do the stuff that I can not do now. Some of those stuff include:

  1. Traveling the world - I have a wanderlust. I want to travel the world and see and visit places I have never been to. It would be a dream come true.
  2. Owning a puppy - I've always wanted a dog or puppy ever since I was kid. But unfortunately I never got one. When I am older, I want to afford and take care of a puppy. I want to be able to have a companion with me where ever I go.
  3. Moving to the city - The city always looks so nice to live in. When I do get to visit the city, I am always so excited to go. I hear a lot of people say how living in the city is amazing. The city at night is also really pretty.
  4. Affording a nice car - I want to afford a nice car that will get me places. I do not want a car that will break down or need an oil change every time. Just something that looks nice and can take me somewhere.
  5. Taxes - I will have to be able to pay my taxes every month. Even if it means not travelling or getting a puppy in the first few years. I do not want to go into debt and loose everything I have. The taxes must be payed off!

I will be able to afford all the stuff I want to do when I become a vet. A vet gets paid a high salary. So affording and paying off all the stuff I want should be accessible. Even if I have to wait a few years for all the stuff I want to happen, it will happen, guaranteed.



What do you want to do in the future? A question so simple, yet so hard to answer. I did not know the answer at first. In fact, I never really thought about it a lot. I had a few ideas about who I wanted to be, but I was never entirely sure if that was what I truly wanted to do. A veterinarian? A journalist? A photographer? A forensic anthropologist? There are so many jobs out there to choose from. The answer cannot be that simple. This is why there is careers class. This class helped me further understand what my dream career would be. I had learnt a lot from taking this class which would be very useful in the future.

I never thought that knowing who you are is an important concept when choosing a career, but it turns out that it is extremely important. For example, what if you chose to be a talk show host, but you do not like talking in front of hundreds of people or being on camera. You would not end up liking that job very much. In order for you to choose a career you would enjoy, you must know a couple things about yourself. What do you like? What do you dislike? What are your skills? What are your talents? How would you like to live in the future? All these questions are important when choosing your career. For instance, if you like writing but hate being on camera, then maybe becoming an author or a journalist would be a good career for you. It is also important to know your standard of living. If you would like to live in a big house and own an expensive car, then you better check the salary of your job to make sure you would be able to afford it. In the end, knowing who you are is a big aspect when choosing your career.

You may know what the basic stuff you would have to do for your job, but do you know how to get there and the other things about your job that television does not tell you. Researching about your job is one of the top things you would have to do when choosing a career. You have to know what is really going on during the job. You cannot just know the snippets of it and say that is the job for you. Just because it looks simple to do, does not mean it really is. The people you see who do this job only make it seem easy because they have a lot of experience, even then you still may not see the full picture of the job. It takes a long time to earn that's job. You have to go to the right college or university and get the right education. You also have to have a bit of experience with your job if possible. Even when you did all of the right education and research, another hard part is applying for the job. You must have the perfect resume and cover letter. Even if you have the tiniest mistake, they will catch it and not even let you be interviewed. Applying for a job can be complicated, but as long as you say the right things, you will be fine. Knowing your job is just as important as doing your job.

Currently, I want to become a veterinarian. I love animals and always dreamed of having one. Since my favourite subject is science and vets deal with science, then this job will be perfect for me. I am always so happy when I am around animals, so this job will be amazing. This career will take a while to get into. The courses I have to take in high school will all be academic and mostly science courses, which I am fine with. There will also be a few math courses too. School for a veterinarian is long and hard. I will have to be in school for 8 more years after high school. The school that I chose to go to will be the University of Guelph. It is one of the best universities in Canada for future veterinarians. This school will help me learn a lot about veterinarians and how to become a successful one. To help me get into the university of Guelph for veterinarian medicine, I must get experience with animals. To do so, I will volunteer at a animal shelter, that way I can be used to being around animals. Thanks to this careers class, I have researched a lot to make sure I know a lot about the career I may want in the future. I now know more about veterinarians. They do not just help animals feel better with just a needle, it takes a lot more work. I also know the pros and cons of a vet. Knowing this information has helped me understand the work of a vet more, this way I can see if I really want to be a vet. Even if I change my mind in the future, a vet is who I want to be now.

At the end of the day, it is all up to me to decide what I want to be in the future. It will be hard, but I will get there somehow. The career of my choice now may not be the career I will end up with, but that is okay. As long as I am happy with my career and future, then I am fine. This careers class has taught me a lot that will actually help me in the future. From choosing the right career to making the perfect resume and cover letter. If this class did not exist, then I will never know how to do the things I need to do to achieve my dream career.