Thurgood Marshal

By Joshua Clark


The name of my leader is Thurgood Marshall. In high school he remembered the whole constitution then he went to Lincoln University with people like Kwame Nkrumah, the future president of Ghana, Langston Hughes, the great poet, and and Cab Calloway, the famous jazz singer. After that he applied to the University of Maryland law school, but was rejected for being african american. Then he got into Howard law school and was taught under Charles Houston. He graduated Howard law school magna cum laude then went on to be a lawyer for the N.A.A.P. His first case that he won was Murray v. Pearson which was about A student that was denied entry to University of Maryland. In Brown v. Board of Education Thurgood won and set foundations for the American Civil Rights movement. After this he became a circuit court judge. A couple years later he became the first African american supreme court justice. He spent 24 years as a supreme court justice ruling in favor of individual rights and liberal views. he died in 1/24/1993 due to old age.

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