The conspiracy of Princess Diana

An accident or a muder?

The Theories

Princess Diana died on the night of August 31, 1997. There are many theories tied into the death of Princess Diana. The most popular theories, are that one, that Diana's driver, Henri Paul was drunk while behind the wheel of the car. However, the other theory stated how government employees known as the MI6 murdered Diana because of the split with Prince Charles.

Henri Paul: The driver

According to author David Aaronovitch, " Diana, leaving the Paris Ritz was put in the back of a Mercedes and driven recklessly fast by a man who had been drinking." (148). Although blood test show that Henri Paul (the driver) was not an alcoholic, medical experts states that Paul was in fact, drunk behind the wheel of the Mercedes. This led the jury to say on April 7, 2008 that the car crash was an accident due to the fact the driver was drunk. "Even so, in the decade following the accident a steady fifth to just under third of British people and a similar proportion of Americans continue to believe Diana was murdered." (Aaronovitch 149)

Adressing the Opposition

I think this source addressed the opposition well. Aaronovitch backs up the theory he believes ( Henri Paul was drinking and driving) but also makes it clear that some people believe otherwise. He does this by stating that many people continue to believe that Diana was murdered.

Diana: Murdered?????

"From the very beginning it was clear to me it was not just an accident." (qtd. in Daily Mail, Reid). This was believed by many people for multiple reasons. Some believe the MI6, a British government agency was involved in the death of the princess. The MI6 might have been targeting Diana due to the divorce with Prince Charles, they felt she was a threat to the royal family. Quoted in Daily Mirror, " Diana wrote to her former butler Paul Burrel 10 months before her death saying that her life was at its most dangerous phase." (qtd. CNN) What also might have contributed to the targeting of Diana was her relationship with Dodi Fayed. The family confirms that Diana and Fayed were planning on getting married. Also, radiologist can confirm that the princess was pregnant at the time of her death. This was plot, was taking into action, witnesses insist. At the time of the crash witnesses insist that the Mercedes was being followed by a black motor bike not belong to the paparazzi. They say that at exactly 12:23 am "there was a flash from the motor bike which was followed by a crash." ( Witnesses, Daily Mail). This flash would have temporarily blinded Henri Paul causing the car to crash. On the other hand, blood test do show that Henri Paul was drinking before getting into the car to drive Diana. However, the parents of Henri Paul claim that the driver was not a drinker. Also, blood test were not completed before announcing that Henri Paul was drunk at the time of the crash. Could this also be a desperate plot to cover up the murder of Diana by the MI6 or is it just a conspiracy never to be proven?

Adressing the oppostion part 2

I think these two sources on Diana's murder do a good job explaining why Diana could have been murdered through the witnesses, her pregnancy, the blood test, etc. However, they fail to explain why the opposition could be correct besides the fact that both sources describe the other theory as what the world is led to believe. To be able to fully address the opposition the sources should have had more information on why Henri Paul being drunk could also be true.

Myth VS. Truth!!

I believe that Diana was murdered. I feel this way because although blood test prove that Henri Paul was drunk, the information could have been easily changed by the MI6. Diana felt like she was in danger a few months before her death, I feel her fear must have caught up with her. Also, because the witnesses claim a vehicle not belonging to the paparazzi was at the scene it gives me more reason to believe that it was people from the MI6 and they were there to kill Diana. Through all the evidence I have encountered I feel the MI6 were behind Diana's murder and it was not an accident.
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