Book Main Characters - Leader

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez


Leader, who real name was Jonas, was the head of the Village where the plot took place. Leader was the main character of the book The Giver-one of the three book series. Leader was a very thoughtful person who cared for everyone in the Village. Even though it seemed he was in his late-twenties, he was the undisputable leader of the village and was very wise. He had a slim, tall physique. He also had many memories from the past such as natural snow events, as oppose to control climate which was the way of the Village. He enjoyed the gifts of telepathy, as well as the ability to see beyond the human eye. Upon learning about Matty's journey to bring back Kira, he decided to embark on his own journey to help Matty and Kira get back safe from the Forest. He, via telepathy, told Kira to instruct Matty to use his healing powers to heal the earth. Matty decided to use his powers to heal Earth and in the process he ended up losing his life to save the Earth and all it inhabitants. After Matty died, Leader finally reached Matty and Kira, picked up Matty's body and with Kira at his side, managed to make it back to the Village while carrying Matty.
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