The Adoration Of Jenna Fox

My Opinion On How Technology Should Effect Life Today.

How does our society define " Legally Human"?

In our society we don't have biogel or anything like that. We use medicine to stay healthy and live longer, but we don't have a way to re-make someone if they are in an accident. If they loose a leg or arm we can give them a fake one, but nothing like what happened to Jenna. Almost every one is "legally human". In or society " legally human" means anyone who has a human brain and a real human body part. Having a fake leg or arm doesn't cause you to be non-human. That is our society now, because we don't have many technological things that would cause us to be un-human. In the future our society might be like Jenna's society. In a society that I would wish to live in there would be no need to define legally human, because technology wouldn't be used to live longer, save a person, or cause a person to be un-human. I think using prosthetics is good and doesn't cause you to be un-human. In my society if someone lost an arm or leg it would be fine to re-make it out of biogel, but nothing more than arms or legs, not an entire body like Jenna.

How would our society regulate the laws concerning bioethics?

In our society laws around bioethics mainly concern health care and medicine not like in Jenna's society where the concern is around being made of biogel or being a robot, because technology isn't that advanced yet. If technology was as advanced as it is in Jenna's society we would need many laws like the FSEB made, but we aren't to that point yet. One day when we get there we would probably need something like the FSEB to put advanced laws concerning bioethics in place, because if technology is that advanced and no laws are put in place people could use technology to live forever, make a person, or for anything of that nature that they want. In the society we are in now technology isn't that advanced s now laws like that are put in place yet. We do have laws regulating medicine and health care. When someone has cancer and it isn't treated they live for 1-2 years, but they use medicine and medical procedures to try and I've longer, but nothing like what happened to Jenna has been put into place. In a society that I would wish to live in the laws would say technology can't be used to cause someone to live forever or live for an un-humanly amount of time, no one could use technology to make a person or re-make an entire person's body after an accident. Things like biogel can only be used to remake an arm or leg ect. I would allow cloening of animals for science experiments and discoveries but no cloning humans. The laws in our society that are in place right now would be the same for my society but the punishments would be a little more harsh then they are now.

What would the consequences be if someone broke these laws?

In Jenna's society it never said what the consequences would be for breaking their laws, but her parents implied that the consequences would be harsh. "There are a lot of people who have laid heir lives and careers on the line for you, Jenna. We had to be careful. If you slipped and told someone, you would not only jeopardize your future but theirs as well.", " For now, the official story we've given is that you're stabilized and receiving private nursing care at undisclosed location. That alone has been a source of questions and rumor because no one expected you to live, much less recover. If they were to see you as you are now, it would certainly lead to an investigation, or worse. Let's face it, I'm news, and with Bio Gel and the high profile of Fox BioSystems, red flags would go flying. The media would have a field day and the FSEB would be out to make an example of us. Everyone would be involved in facing jail time. And I'm not sure what would happen- He doesn't finish. He doesn't need to. I can fill in the unspeakable blank. Me. What would they do to the uploaded thing that is me?" Those are the punishments that would happen in Jenna's society. Everyone involved would be sent to jail and Jenna would probably be taken in by the FSEB to be experimented on. In our society the same punishments would most likely be put in place. In a society that I would wish to live in this wouldn't happen but if it did the same punishments would be put in place. I think the punishments in Jenna's society are fair.


In the book Jenna is pretty much a clone. In the future cloning might be possible. This is a video about how our society today feels about cloning: