The cell theory

By Makayla brown

Robert Hooke

In 1665 Robert (a monk) looked at a dead cork and thought it looked like cells where he lived, in a monastery

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

This famous scientist was the first one to describe living things.

He looked at a drop of pond water under a microscope. He was amazed that there was a lot more to pond water that he had thought he magnified it 300 times . He noticed that they where tiny unicellular organisms

Theodor Schwann

In 1839 Theodor,a German botanist stated that animals have cells to.

Matthias Schleiden

matthias was a german botonist when he discovored that plants are made up of cells too. This was discovored in 1838

Rudolf Virchow

In 1855 he stated that all living things come from living things at the time. He also said disease cells come from healthy cells.