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Unplanned and Fighting for the Unborn through Service

Have you seen it yet? The gripping, true story of a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager who witnessed the brutal realities of abortion and left the industry. This important film, which released this month in theaters nationwide, has been able to open many eyes to the barbaric truth of abortion, despite the fight against the film's ability to advertise and promote itself to a culture increasingly supportive of the choice to take life through abortion.

The movie Unplanned could be the most important film you see this Spring. It is making visible the unseen reality that abortion in our nation is leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives each year. The ultimate purpose of the film Unplanned is to save lives. Our hope is that this movie will not only lead to parents choosing life for their children, but for individuals, friend groups, and churches to view this film and be inspired to join the fight in saving lives. Below you will find some local and national organizations who are serving the unborn and their families in life giving ways. Please consider joining in the fight for the unborn through service.

Serving the Unborn and their Families

40 Days for Life Sacramento has just finished 40 days of contending the the unborn. These campaigns comprise of volunteers and prayer warriors who meet on public sidewalks outside of abortion clinics to provide prayer and resources for individuals and families seeking abortion as an option for an unplanned pregnancy. 40 Days for Life Sacramento is part of a National Movement that has helped hundreds of thousands of babies get a chance at life.

The Sacramento Memorial Garden is a beautiful place dedicated to help people grieve the loss of an unborn child. Started by a Sacramento pastor, this organization provides a quiet and calming reflection area for people grieving the loss of an unborn child. The Sacramento Memorial Garden also provides professional counseling for after abortion care.

The Sacramento Life Center, Alternatives Pregnancy Center, The Birth Connection, and Sierra Pregnancy and Health are all crisis pregnancy centers that offer free medical care, resources, counseling and many other services to women experiencing unplanned or unsupported pregnancies

If a mother chooses life for her child despite the lack of support from relatives, there are resources to help. Single Mom Strong offers support for single moms through childcare services, community with other single moms, empowerment workshops and by providing male mentors for children with absent father figures.

All of these wonderful organizations empower vulnerable families to choose life for their children who are made in the image of God and deserve a chance to live and become all that God has created them to be. Take some time to pray, explore these organizations and consider what you, your small group or church can do to serve vulnerable growing families.

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Love Modesto: Changing the Narrative of a City

This Saturday morning, thousands of volunteers will get up early to rally around the love of their city and then tackle a hundred projects like fixing homes, beautifying parks and serving schools. Love Modesto started in 2007 when a Modesto pastor wanted to change the narrative of his city which was ranked very low among "worst cities in America". He began by finding just a few projects to tackle and recruiting fellow Modesto residents to serve. Thousands of volunteers showed up for their first Love Modesto event and they have been doing it ever since. Love Modesto has also helped over 60 other cities start a similar campaign to change their city for good through service.

Thank you Love Modesto for leading the way in community wide service events that change the narrative for cities!

Featured Organization: AboutKidz

AboutKidz is an organization established to meet the practical needs of underprivileged children in communities in an effort to create equal opportunities for academic and athletic excellence. AboKidz focuses on addressing the most basic needs of low-income and at-risk children in order to make the biggest impact on families.

For more information visit their website HERE!

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