Facts on Perfect

  • It was first performed in 2005 by the company Motionhouse
  • The choreographer for perfect was KEVIN FINNAN
  • The costume design was by CLAIRE ARMITAGE
  • The set was designed by SIMON DORMAN
  • The accompaniment was composed by SOPHY SMITH

The Sections

There are 13 sections in Perfect:

  • Spirits of Time
  • Shadows
  • Legs
  • Faces
  • Time Flies
  • Garden
  • Loops
  • Interlude 1
  • Hands of Time
  • Pregnant Pause
  • Rake
  • Interlude 2 - Suspension in Time
  • Finale - Slings



  • The front section of the stage is filled with sand
  • Lighting is used to produce shadows - these represent memories and images in the past and the present (like sand that falls in a sand timer)


  • The lighting gives the audience an impression of the mood as it is mostly dark and it develops the emotional intensity


  • Unison is used between the dancers on the stage and the shadows
  • Extension of the arms and contractions along with wrapping arms around them represent consoling themselves.
  • When the male dancer walks in, one dancer sinks down to represent hurt and rejection
  • When the female dancer freezes and looks in pain, the shadow consoles her from behind the screen



  • The stage is completely opened and filled with sand to represent memories.
  • Rakes are the main props used and they are held by the men signifying their male role
  • The rakes are used as a prop to show physical support by using lifts, tension and balance
  • Watering cans are used to show nurturing and care as well


  • Mostly percussion
  • Positive correlation between the music and the movements in the dance, for example as the stronger drum beat kicks in the other dancers begin
  • The music is loud and rhythmic


  • The duets start in unison but you can see over time the difference in the two relationships
  • Stuart and Helen (on the left hand side) have clear cracks in their relationship as throughout the dance it becomes more abusive and aggressive
  • Junior and Vanessa (on the right) have a much more loving and caring relationship, and Vanessa is lifted by Junior to show support

Perfect by Motionhouse