The Texas Rangers

By:Ally Gutierrez

Team Information

Name of Team:Texas RangersCountry:United StatesState:TexasCity:ArlingtonMascot:CapitanFounder:Nolan RyanYear Founded:1961 Region: Great Plains

The Ballpark

The Texas Rangers Ballpark is located in Arlington Texas. The Rangers chose this place because it is beetween Dallas and Forth Worth. The Texas Rangers Ballpark is also surrounded by Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor.


The mascot of the Texas Rangers is a horse named Capitan. The horse represents how cowboys lived in Texas and cowboys rode horses. Capitan is a friendly horse that helps adults and kids to have more fun at the Texas Rangers game. He enjoys riding his cab on the middle of the 7th inning.


Here are a few of the players.Yu Darvish, Adrian Beltre, Ian KInsler, Nelson Cruz, Elvis Andrus, Matt Garza, Jurickson Profar and A.J. Piersinski.