Jocelyn Duckett's Goals

Mrs.Richards's 5th Grade 2015

My Strengths And Weaknesases

My strengths are Social Studies, reading, math, and Science.These are my strengths because I feel like that I can make a easy A.I have no weaknesses if i try my best and study I feel like I can make a easy A.With my strengths I feel I can do anything and nothing will come in my way.

Goals For This Year

My language Arts goals is to make all A's and to do my best all year and keep on improving my grade. I will work on this by trying to read more .My Social Studies is to study and try to to learn as much as I can.My Science goal is to ask more question if i don't understand.I will work on this by actually raising my hand and not sitting there and doing nothing and being confused.My Math goal is to start practicing math problems at home.I will work on this by going home have somebody making up math problems and do them and have somebody check them.

Personal Goals

My Personal Goal for this year is to learn more flips at gymnastics. I will work on this by practicing more and always try my best. another goal I have is to be more active play outside and to run with my mom or play tennis. I will work on this by going outside every chance I get and at least be out there for 20 minutes.

Who Can Help Me

People who can help me reach these goals are my family and teachers. They can help me in any way school or not. They can always help me.

What Might Distract Me

Something that can distract me from reaching these goals are maybe people just being mean or rood. One way I can keep people from distracting me is don't pay action to those people.