Miss Foster's Fabulous First Grade

March/April 2021 Months in Review

What's Happening in First Grade

Math: In March we finished up learning how to collect, analyze and display data through different types of graphs. Additionally, we are worked on learning more about measuring with nonstandard units. We've learned several measuring tips such as measuring from endpoint to endpoint, measuring in a straight line, and not leaving any gaps or overlaps.

In April, we have been learning about place value and are about to begin learning how to add and subtract two-digit numbers as well as learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour on an analog clock. After this, we'll explore several geometry topics!

Reading: We have recently worked on synthesizing a text, doing things like using story details to retell a story, discussing how a problem was solved, and finding similarities and differences in two texts. We have also learned how to analyze a text to determine if it is fiction or nonfiction, and we learned about several text features in a nonfiction book such as headings, a table of contents, glossary, index, captions, labels and much more! Additionally, we have worked on predicting and citing evidence from the text to support or negate our predictions. We have also become reading detectives as we learn how to infer using clues from the text and pictures and learned how to tell if the perspective of the story is from the characters or a narrator and how perspectives can differ between characters in the story.

Writing: We are finishing exploring several types of poetry. Next, we are going to begin learning how to write informational pieces. First we'll work on learning about the features in nonfiction texts and then we will create our own nonfiction text as we learn how to research and write about what we learn!

Science and Social Studies: In science, we are just about to begin a unit on living and nonliving things. After that we will begin our next Social Studies unit where we will be learning about China. We'll learn about symbols of China, the geography, government and much more!

Mark Your Calendar

Be sure you have your calendar marked for these upcoming dates!

May 4th - No Place for Hate Day: wear your No Place for Hate shirt if you have one.

May 7th - Early Dismissal

May 14th - Final Book Order Due

May 31st - School Closed

June 1st-4th - Early Dismissal

June 4th - Last Day of 1st Grade