World War One assesment

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Plant a poppy day

To bring tribute to 100 years since world war one has come to an end help us plant poppies 1 for every man and woman who has ever served at Gallipoli.

When: Tuesday, November the 11th, 11am

where: shrine of remembrance, city Melbourne

11am-The last Post

11:30 am- Anzac day march

12pm- plant a poppie

12:30- Auzzie BBQ lunch

The Causes of world war one

The cause of world war one didn’t just happen by one event that happened it was started by many. The main reasons for ww1 was Due to revolutions happening all over the world and the fight to take and turn the power of the nation from economic and political power and instead giving aristocracy to the industrial middle class, Many countries such as Germany were trying to extend their empire causing conflict with the countries being targeted for takeover in order to overpopulate other countries giving them more people to make their nation not only bigger and better but stronger too, At these time Countries felt that they were superior to others due to nationalism which sparked fight and disputes, The Six major powers formed alliances (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) versus (Russia, great Britain and France), Britain tried to increase their military to defend themselves and the Germans also increased military in response- (arms race) and not to forget the one big main reason that war broke out was the assassination Franz Ferdinand and his wife assassinated at Sarajevo 28th of June in which causes Britain on the 4th of August to declare war on Germany.

Australias involvment in the war

New Guniea- During world war 1 Australia’s Naval and Military force was sent to destroy the already occupied wireless station (a station used to get information about the war and to try and unlock codes given from the enemy to their partners to understand there next move) in which the German needed for the ability for the Germans to patrol the South Pacific. The Australian were successful despite their loss of a total of six service men. The now previous south-east island which had been occupied by German colonies had now been taken over by Australian service men until the year 1921. The New Guniea campaign was a major military campaign involving an attack since Gallipoli But did not result in the defeat of Germany.

Middle east- I the middle east Australia’s light horse was ordered to enter the city of Damascus which has made them the first out of all the allied forces to go into battle to defeat the enemy Germany.

Gallipoli landing- On the 25th of April at an estimated time of 4:30am the 3rd Australian brigade landed on the shores of Gallipoli near the location of Ari Burnu and continued shipping at the shore throughout the day. 24 hours had passed and only 1700 surviving people evacuated, the evacuation was a successes as the Turks did not know that they had left and in that case no one was killed. This was because they had landed in the wrong position of Gallipoli instead of heading further up they landed as what is now known as ANZAC cove. Trench warfare during Gallipoli was not planned to happen but because of the circumstances it had to b done as the Turks took the higher grounds and the Australians took the lower ground, trenches.

Fromelles- The battle of Fromelles was another significant battle for the Australians which was fought on the 19th and 20th of July 1916. It was the first time the Australians had battled on the western front during war. Allied artillery from the Australian forces was sent and ordered to send fire on the Germans positions for 24 hours. It was poorly planned by the British officers so bad that all of their attempts lead to a frontal attack delivered by gunfire. The wounded soldiers were left in the place known as no man’s land, named because if you were to walk into it you would be shot down by gunfire, waiting for help, dying and around 1917 Australian men were already dead in under 12 hours. The remaining 5533 5th division and the 1547 British division were sent to Somme to fight

Somme- the aim of the battle was for the Australians to Halt at least one thrust of the 1918 Germans at the village of Fillers Bretonneux on the 24th of April. The mission was a success as they had managed to counter attack and retake the village and also the nearby village known as Hamel using artillery, tanks and aircraft

Lonepine- On the 6th of August 1915 The Australians attacked the Turks at lone pine. The front line trenches had been taken quickly with the Turks annoyed at the Australians new positions as the didn’t want them to be able to keep them. The fighting that took place at the lone pine was said to be the worst out of all the battles fought in world war 1. The fight was estimatimated to have taken back over three days with 2000 Australians and triple the amount of Turks battling the war.

Nek- On the7th of August 1915 two regiments were made up of the Australians 3rd light horse brigade. The war began at around 4:30am and started as a planned attack by gunfire delivered by the brigade using the correct timing to statically plan it out. The first, second and third charged armed with empty guns and bayonets met a gruesome end being shot down before even leaving the trenches due to endless rifle and machine gun fire. By the time colonel Noel Braziers calls off the charges the forth wave of troop had already meet the same fate as the other two.

Effects of the war at home

At the beginning of the war the two parties were both very supportive of the war but then during the war they both split due to different opinions of war such as conscription which was when a man hit a certain age he was forced to go to war. During war the state government was concerned on conscription as it caused the public work budget to be disturbed and that could have possibly lead to the chance of getting unemployment. While the federal government was more concerned on the economy of the country as it would lead to them in the long run getting enough money to pay for the war.

New acts were put in place such as the:

-Trading with the enemy act: if people were to sell to the enemy or buy from the enemy the government would serve a severe punishment such as take over the business by government and raid businesses without any warrants.

-War precautions law: This law gave the government power over newspapers and prevented people from saying certain things in public or anything that would alarm people.

The Last Post

What does world war one mean to Australians

World war one has meaning to our country because of war Australia was unified as a nation, courage of both people fighting and people at home was tremendous, War meant that we could fight under our own flag and that responsibility's were shared and shown through people taking over work.

We celebrate ANZAC day through-

-Anzac day march

-Last post and one minutes silence

-Public holiday