TCEA 2016

Important technology tips to use in your classroom


Quizizz- very similar to Kahoot, but students are able to work at their own pace. Questions and answer choices will appear directly on the students' device. Quizizz can also be assigned for homework or for students to complete independently in the classroom.

Let's try it out!

  • On your device open and click join game.
  • Enter the game code
  • type in your name and click join game


instaGrok is a free online tool that allows you to search any topic you wish and it creates a digital web map about the topic. The content can be adjusted to match grade level.
instaGrok Demo

It's BINGO time! allows you to instantly create or use previously created bingo boards for any topic. Students can connect to an individual bingo board using a specific URL. A simple way to have students connect would be to use QR codes

Let's try a quick game.

  • Using your device go to
  • click the freespace
  • click the words as they are called out. Shout out bingo when you have it!


Newsela is a website that provides current non-fiction reading material for students. It provides students with news articles to read for comprehension. The awesome thing is that the articles can be adjusted to match different reading levels. After reading an article, students are given a quiz to check for comprehension and understanding of vocabulary. There are also articles available in Spanish.

Let's get virtual!

Virtual reality is an awesome way to connect your class to the world. There are many awesome resources that can help you get connected.

Google hangouts: This is an awesome way to connect with other classrooms or working professionals.

Periscope: It is an app on iPad or iPhone that allows you to stream live video and is connected to twitter. Videos are streamed live, but can be saved to your device after the broadcast is completed. Have you ever been out and about and thought "I would love for my students to see this?" Well if you streamed a periscope you could go back and share that with your students or post it instantly to twitter. You could use it to broadcast games, activities, student presentations, videos to help with homework, or delivering important news. This awesome website has a ton of really cool aerial photos and 3D virtual tours for places all around the world. Learning about the arctic regions? Why not go on a virtual field trip to really explore the arctic regions.

Mystery Skype: Mystery Skype allows you to connect with a classroom from somewhere around the world. Teachers set up a Skype date with another teacher. Students then get to play the mystery Skype game. They have to use a series of questions to try and figure out where the other classroom is located.

Mystery Skype Connecting Classrooms Around The World

Let's get connected! What's a PLN and how can I get started?

A PLN or professional learning network is an ever-changing group of connections that you can go to to discover and exchange ideas. Your PLN does not need to be confined to just our school. Creating a professional learning network is about connecting to other teachers, administrators, or professionals around the world to find the best resources or ideas.

Pinterest- It is a great way to find, share, and organize fantastic teaching ideas and resources. How could you use pinterest to enhance you PLN? Many school districts use shared boards to connect teachers and share resources or ideas. One way we could use pinterest on our campus would be to set up shared boards for our PLCs. Each PLC could have a board where ideas, resources, videos could be shared easily across the campus.

Twitter- Twitter is an awesome free resource that teachers can use to connect globally. You can participate in twitter chats related to certain topics or simply lurk and observe all that occurs. You can really discover some awesome ideas and great professional development at your own convenience.

Big image
What is a PLN - Marc-André Lalande's take

Awesome websites that you should check out This website allows students to digitally practice grammar and writing skills using examples that are based on their interests. It is for grades 4-12.

Adobe slate allows you or students to create awesome presentations either on the computer or an ipad. It also provides citation for pictures that have been used.

Wordle allows you to create word clouds. The Word Clouds App is a comparable tool for iPad users.

EDpuzzle is a free site that lets you edit, chop, and add questions into youtube videos or your own personal videos.

Padlet - easiest way to create and collaborate with your students