Great white Sharks

By James defoy


Watch out in the ocean for those big sharp teeth of a Great White Shark. First, the Great White Sharks have many features to help them swim. They spend all their time in the water. Finally, Great White Sharks have no predators. In conclusion, sharks are mysterious, meat eating creatures.


Did you know that great whit shark is a unique creatures. first they have really hard skin. They have really hard fin too. Rows of sharp teeth fill the shark mouth. When a tooth wears out a another one moves in its place. great whites do not chew there food they eat it all. Without their teeth, Great White Sharks would be really hungry every day.


Did you know that Great White Sharks live in 68 degree warm water? Next, they are next to warm tropical waters. There are more around Asia. They go down 82 to 100 feet in the ocean. In fact, Great White Sharks live in shallow water.


finally sharks are at the top of the food chain witch means that other animals do not hunt them. They eat all kind of sea lions dolphins sears and sometimes humans. when they are young they eat young small sharks crabs squid bigger larger fatter fish tuna swordfish and barracuda. while hunting prey they the often target the weakest or sickes animals because they are easier to catch. Sharks are clearly the best in the ocean.


All in all, Great White Sharks are the most mysterious animals in the ocean. One important feature Great White Sharks have is their teeth. Next, Great White Sharks zipped in their ocean home. Great White Sharks conquer the ocean. Finally, Great White Sharks should be feared in the ocean.


Creatures an animal of any tybe

Dominate to have control of or power over someone or something

Predators an animal that lives by killing and eating other animal an animal that prey on other mystery a religious truth that one know only by revelation and cannot fully understand


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