Update for May 7, 2021

Salem High School

Happy Friday!

Here is what is in this week's newsletter.

  • Student Shout-Outs
  • Welch Scholarship Recipients
  • Message from the PTO - Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • MCAS Reminder
  • Panorama Survey
  • SHS News - Senior Events
  • LEAP Center for Teens
  • Appointments with Dr. Meier
  • Student COVID Testing
  • SHS Community Office Hours
  • SHS Department Updates
  • Upcoming Events
  • Weekly Reminders and Resources

Student Shout-Outs

Message from the PTO - Teacher Appreciation Lunch

It’s been a difficult and stressful year for everyone in Salem Public Schools, yet our schools repeatedly pivoted to meet the needs of our students and staff. A committee of parents at Salem High School have come together to express appreciation for the dedication to all the teachers and staff at these schools. The committees are organizing teacher and staff appreciation lunches in their honor, before they set off on a well-earned summer break! Through a partnership with Ferreira Foods SHS teachers will be treated to a delicious catered lunch.

A Go Fund Me page was created to make it easy for any business or individual to make a financial donation to sponsor these events. The parents’ goal is to raise enough money to cover the cost of food, and a small gift, for each teacher. Any donation is helpful, and will send the message to SHS that the community recognizes the tremendous effort they put towards running our schools over the past year.

Salem High School -- https://gofund.me/b9150ae8

MCAS Reminder

The Math MCAS will be administered Monday, May 10, and Tuesday, May 11. We will be running a three-hour delay schedule on those days. Busses will run at the normal times, and students who come in to school who are not testing will remain in the cafeteria or other designated space until classes commence. All sophomores are required to take the MCAS; juniors may choose to take the MCAS to become eligible for the Adams Scholarship.

If you do not normally take a bus to school but need it on these days, you may ride without a bus pass. Just tell the driver that you are taking the MCAS.

Panorama Survey Extended

The window for completing the Panorama Survey has been extended. Students, PLEASE make some time to complete this survey - it gives us important information so that we can make your school better. You can find the link in ClassLink.

SHS News

Salem High News for May 7 2021

Reminder about Safety Protocols

I loved seeing all the students in the building! We have done such a great job of keeping transmission out of the school that it's easy to become complacent, but we need to continue to follow these protocols so we can keep schools open and everyone healthy.

Remember that the full list of our safety protocols is in every weekly newsletter (below), but here's a quick reminder:

  • Masks have to be worn at all times (unless you are alone in the room, or while eating - but put it back on when you're done).
  • ONLY masks that loop over both ears and do not have a valve are acceptable. Gaiters, bandannas, and masks that have a valve cannot be worn. We will give you a mask if you forget yours or if you come wearing one of the non-approved styles.
  • You should be checking into your seat using the seat tracker at the start of each class and lunch period. This helps us contact trace if necessary.
  • Make sure you wipe down your desk at the end of each class.

LEAP Center for Teens

Please see the opportunities available at the LEAP Center for Teens. LEAP is here to make sure that students feel supported with their academics, and to hold programs that help them explore things that interest them and connect them to the community. The teen center is open from 2-7 Monday through Thursday, located at 35 Congress Street.

The following are year-long programs:

Brothers for Success - a peer support group for young men. This is a place to talk about challenges, successes, and things that come up in day-to-day life.

Social Justice Initiative - A space where we talk about the injustices that exist both in the country and our community. We have had conversations about US history, racism, housing inequality, the judicial system, and the election.

Writing Club - A group that works to improve their creative and academic writing.

Tech Club - In this program students learn how to code, make graphic designs, design websites, and about STEM careers like engineering, architecture, and the medical field.

EL Street - A group for students who are learning English as a second language to improve their language skills. This year, students are working on a project in collaboration with PEM, and students in this group are paid for their participation!

You can register for the Teen Center by filling out this link, https://forms.gle/J6w9tVtEezgeZsFSA

Appointments with Dr. Meier

Do you have a question or concern? Come talk to me Tuesday afternoon! If you can't make this time slot, please feel free to email me.

Sign up here!

Student COVID Testing

STUDENT COVID TESTING has been moved! Come see us, socially distanced of course, to get your COVID nasal swab testing done. We will be seeing all students over 18, anyone under 18 whose parents have consented them for testing, or if you're not sure- email us and we will check your consent status. Nurse Rebecca or Nurse Kaitlyn.

Feel free to stop by between classes, during your lunch block, or email us to schedule a specific time.

We do ask that you DO NOT come down in large groups with your friends, as we will not be able to accommodate you all at appropriate distances.

We're excited to see you all back safely and healthy!

Nurse Rebecca & Nurse Kait

SHS Community Office Hours

Salem High School Students:

•Need a place to study?

•Need extra help?

•Want a change of scenery?

Pop into the Salem High Community Office, located at the Saltonstall Auditorium, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-8pm. We would love to see you there Witches!


Due to the weather a lot of games were canceled early in the week But we did have some teams in action yesterday. Girls Tennis competed hard over at Danvers and the Baseball team lost a tough game at Peabody. Softball and Baseball are on the road at Saugus and Swampscott Boys and Girls Lacrosse are at Gloucester. Game Schedules can be found on : www.northeasternma.org.

The following eligibility guidelines have been developed for the remainder of the 2020/21 school year.

-Students who are failing/have Incompletes in more than 50% of their courses will not be eligible to practice or participate in competitions. They will have access to support from the student study hall after school with the Athletic Department Academic Coach and the potential of reattaining eligibility mid-season.

-Students who are failing/have incompletes for up to 50% of their courses and passing the majority of their core content/graduation requirement courses will have the ability to try out and participate in practices under conditions outlined in an agreement with the Athletic Department Academic Coach to be signed by the student athlete and their parent/guardian. These students will have the ability to earn their way back into competitions once they have 2 or fewer failing/incomplete courses.

-Students who are failing 1-2 courses are eligible to practice and participate in competitions but must continue to check in with the Athletic Department Academic Coach in regard to their academic progress.

-Students failing no courses will have full eligibility and access to the Athletic Department Academic Coach and the student athlete study hall as needed. Study Hall will meet on Monday and Thursday in room 316 or via zoom from 2:30-4:00.

Athletic Department Academic Coach- Graeme Marcoux

Email: gmarcoux@salemk12.org

Google Voice: 978-219-4390

Thank you and Go Witch !!!!

Career and Technical Education

Our students at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School

On Friday May 3 our SHS Laborer partnership students worked alongside Local 22 and S&F Concrete to pour the basement floor of the Catherine Larkin Memorial Cottage, a 7500 square foot agricultural museum, event facility, and learning space that honors an Army nurse who lost her life in WWII. Ten SHS students and one student from New Liberty are students in the Construction Craft Laborers program at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School. They are:

Tyler Amann

Devin Chadbourne

Emerson Gomez

Jorge Guerrero

Giezi Paniagua

Shalem Penalo Encarnacion

Reynold Fortuna Cruz

Alfred Garcia

Jose Jimenez

Raymond Morton

Craig Deluca

College and Career Readiness Center


Summer Paid Internship Opportunity!

Interested in Public Relations? Apply for this remote PAID internship at 360PR.

Check out this link.. 360PR Internship


TAKING classes in the EARLY COLLEGE PROGRAM next, please check your emails for the application and forms sent by Mrs.Kozlowski. If you would like a hard copy of the application please drop by outside of office 323 C. If you would like assistance with filling out your application please see Ms.Wilkins during any lunch in room 235. THE DEADLINE FOR THE APPLICATION IS MONDAY MAY 10th!!

College Guidance-

JOIN the College Guidance Network. They demystify the college application process in the time of COVID. They help support students and families with a free, ten-episode series featuring nationally recognized experts who offer insights on essential topics like how to develop a school list, write an effective essay, and maximize financial aid. Students and their families will be even be able to participate in live Q & A sessions and observe a simulated admissions committee meeting.

Register at the Website: College Guidance Network


Students have quite literally lived the last year on a screen and with the return to full in-person learning there may be some issues that arise. Students and families are managing another transition. This week, we will offer two opportunities (Tuesday and Thursday) to discuss screen time, what is healthy for your student and how do we balance this new "normal" that consists of in-person and screens.

Additionally, we have an exciting event coming up, so mark your calendars now.

Coming Soon....Ready to Launch Event

Ready to Launch is a special event that the Family Engagement Team will be hosting on May 25, 2021 6:30 - 8:00 PM EST. This will be an opportunity for caregivers to hear about alternative paths following high school beyond a 4-year college, what college readiness looks like, how students have found success without a college career. We will be sharing a flyer with more details soon.


This week we will return to the "screens" topic for 2 groups (Tuesday and Thursday, see full schedule below).Please see the schedule and description below. Also, PLEASE note that these groups are open to ANY caregiver, not just BRYT families. Please SHARE far and wide.

Monday May 10th at 7:00 PM EST - BIPOC Group FLYER

Tuesday May 11th at 7:00 PM EST - Screen Time and In-person Learning FLYER

Wednesday May 12th at 7:00 PM EST - Parents Supporting Parents (open group)

Thursday May 13th at 7:00 PM EST - Screen Time and In-person Learning FLYER

Thursday May 13th at 6:00 PM EST - Spanish Group FLYER


Pictured are Andre Noonan and Laurie Giardella, Finance Director and Andre on-the-job in the Salem City Hall Finance Department.

Andre Noonan's internship in the Finance Department at Salem City Hall has given him valuable real-life work experience as he prepares to enter Bentley College's Accounting and Auditing program in the fall. Salem's Director of Finance , Laurie Giardella, had high praise for Andre's contribution to her department. She is also very impressed with the SHS Internship Program and proud to serve as a strong community partner.

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Student Activities

Seniors vs Staff Softball game sign up form was sent out through ParentSquare and Learn accounts. If you are interested in playing or cheering, please make sure to fill it out and register.

All SHS students, keep an eye and ear out for an announcement about Super Fan shirts going on sale at Student Activities in the next week or so.

Senior Lawn signs may be ordered until May 14th, check your learn account or ParentSquare for more information.

Reminder to Seniors: You can find information on all things Senior through Instagram : @salem.high2021

Upcoming Events


  • 10-11 - Math MCAS (3 hour delay for non-testers)
  • 12 - Early release (SHS only)
  • 19 - Middle of Quarter 4
  • 26 - Early release (district)
  • 31 - Memorial Day

Regular Reminders and Resources

Chromebooks and Headphones

All students should ensure that they are coming to school with a charged Chromebook, as well as headphones with a microphone. This includes in-person learners!

Salem High School In-Person/Remote Learning Schedule: Spring 2021

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Safety Protocols and Logistics for In-Person Learners

Please remember the following protocols for students coming to the building for in-person learning. This is to ensure that we are keeping all students and staff safe - this is a team effort!

  • Arrival/Dismissal procedures

    • Arrival - All students enter through the main doors. Masks must be worn and students must sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer when they enter.

    • Dismissal - Students taking the bus or getting picked up will exit through the main entrance. Students who are walking or drive themselves to school will exit through the “auto doors.”

  • Travel between classes

    • The main hallways have clearly marked travel “lanes;” smaller hallways and stairwells have been designated and marked as one way.

  • Assigned seating charts in every class

    • Classroom teachers will create a seating chart for each period.

    • Desks in common areas will be assigned an identifier and students will complete a Google form with the date, period, location, and desk number.

  • Bathroom usage and distancing enforcement

    • Only one student will be permitted out of the classroom at a time.

    • Reduced occupancy has been identified for each bathroom to allow for physical distancing.

    • Markers have been placed outside of bathrooms to allow for physical distancing.

    • Bathroom monitor is present at each bathroom to ensure that safety protocols are followed.

    • Electronic passes will be used instead of paper passes to reduce the chance of transmission.

    • Bathrooms will not be open during passing periods. Students may only use the bathroom during class time.

  • Lunch

    • Students will be assigned to a lunchroom.

    • Lunches will be grab and go.

    • Students will wipe desks and chairs before passing to next class.

  • Signing in and out of a classroom

    • Electronic passes will be used instead of paper passes to reduce the chance of transmission.

  • Safety procedures

    • Masks will be worn at all times except when eating. Gaiters, bandanas, and masks with valves may not be worn.

    • Physical distancing will be maintained in all spaces.

    • Students will wipe down their desks and chairs before passing to the next class.

    • Bathrooms will be disinfected by custodial staff four times per day.

  • Nurses

    • Students will not be allowed to go to the nurses’ office this year.

    • Nurses will go to the students’ classroom for any medical needs.

Problems with Internet?

Are you having problems with, or do you have no Internet? Salem Public Schools is still actively working to help families connect. If you're having problems, please contact:

Shamus Mruk for 9th, 10th, grade and the Newcomer Academy (smruk@salemk12.org)

Lynne Mullen for 11th, 12th, and the Bridge Academy (lmullen@salemk12.org)

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School Reopening FAQ

As a helpful resource, I am linking to the Salem Returns School Reopening FAQ here.

Transportation Protocols

The Salem Public Schools transportation department, and all transportation contractors used by Salem Public Schools, will follow the DESE released on July 22nd, 2020. This section refers specifically to in district transportation, however, the procedures will be followed for out of district transportation, as well.

The bus riding experience will be different this year than it has been in the past. While “big buses” usually have a capacity of around 72, because students will be required to sit one student per seat, alternating window and aisle seats, only 24 students will be able to be on a school bus at one time. Transporting the same number of students at the same time as in previous school years would therefore take three times as many buses. This is a challenge all school districts are facing, compounded by a lead time of six to eight months for acquiring new school buses, and a nationwide school bus driver shortage. To mitigate these challenges, SPS has requested that only people who have no other way to get to school fill out an application for transportation. While the reduced usage will help, we anticipate staggering bus times and providing before and after school supervision, as routes will have to be doubled in order to accommodate all students. This will depend on the school schedule and final ridership.

Core health and safety practices

Several core practices will support safe school bus operations this fall:

  • Masks: All staff and students on the bus, regardless of age, are required to wear masks at all times. Exemptions for students due to medical and/or behavioral reasons – and associated protocols – are further described later in this guidance.

  • Distance: Students should be seated no more than one student per bench, alternating sides for each row, which allows students to maintain approximately 3 feet of physical distance. Children from the same household may sit together and in closer proximity (e.g., two students per bench). See diagram above.

  • Ventilation: Keep windows open at all times during operation, unless not possible due to extreme weather conditions.

  • Seat assignments: Students should be assigned to a single bus and a particular seat.

  • Hand Hygiene: Students and staff will use hand sanitizer upon entering the bus. Dispensers will be at the entrance to the bus within view of the driver or monitor.

The guidelines for families and children taking the bus are as follows:

  • Parents or guardians of students will be asked to do a wellness check on their children before they leave the house to ensure that they are symptom free.

  • If a child has any of the symptoms mentioned above, they must be kept at home. The family should also contact their health care provider.

  • All students will be required to wear a face mask while waiting at the bus stop and for the duration of the bus ride. There are no exceptions to this requirement on the “big buses.” Families with students with disabilities should check with their child’s Special Education Team Chairperson if an exception is needed for door-to-door transportation.

  • Students must be reminded to maintain 6ft physical distancing from other students at bus stops.

  • Once the bus arrives at the bus stop, the children will board the bus one by one. The monitor will instruct them to sanitize their hands.

  • The monitor will also observe the student to ensure that they are not exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19. If possible, an adult should wait with the student at the bus stop in case they need to be sent home. If that is not possible, and a student is displaying symptoms on the bus, the driver will alert dispatch, who will alert the school. The symptomatic student will be the last student to leave the bus, and will be isolated with the school nurse as soon as they get to school.

  • Students will be assigned seats, starting from the back to the front, and will be asked to board the bus in that order.

  • Students will sit one student per seat, alternating between window and aisle seats.

  • Once the bus arrives at the assigned school, the students will exit the bus one by one from front to back.

  • The bus will be cleaned and disinfected after every load of students.

In order to protect all students and staff, students who do not wear masks, or who remove them during the bus ride, will be addressed by the bus monitor. If the mask is still not worn, the child will conference with a counselor and/or administrator. If the child refuses to wear the mask, families will be contacted, and a solution will be agreed upon, including up to loss of bus riding privileges.

Guidelines for Families who are Transporting their Own Child

It is essential for all families to follow all arrival and dismissal procedures. If you are dropping off your child at the high school, please use the outer driveway (not the one closest to the building, which is designated for busses and emergency vehicles). ONLY the main entrance will be open for student entry. Students will be required to don their mask before exiting the vehicle, and families must complete the daily self-screening before dropping their child at school. Drivers must stay in their cars the entire time. If a parent or guardian needs to enter the school, they must park their car and enter the main entrance only. Everyone who enters the building must wear a mask.

Stop the Spread COVID Testing

Massachusetts residents can receive free COVID-19 testing as part of the state’s “Stop the Spread” initiative.

Testing in Salem is available via a drive-through outside of Salem High School, 77 Wilson Street, on the following days and hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 4pm-8pm; Saturdays 10am-3pm. You can pre-register by clicking this link to speed up the testing process; pre-registration is not required. On weekdays, do not arrive at the High School site prior to 3:00 p.m. due to school dismissal traffic. Please be aware that during testing at this site, the line may be temporarily closed to new vehicles when traffic reaches Willson Street; the queue will be reopened to new vehicles once the line clears enough to allow more cars to enter. If the line is temporarily closed when you arrive, return in 15-30 minutes to see if it has opened back up again.

Testing is also be offered via walk-up inside at Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square, on the following days and hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesadys 9am-2pm; Thursdays 1pm-6pm; Fridays 9am-1pm. You can pre-register by clicking this link to speed up the testing process; pre-registration is not required.

Testing will not take place on holidays. No proof of insurance or citizenship is necessary. Testing is via nasal swab, administered by EMTs from Fallon Ambulance, and processed via RT PCR at the Broad Institute Laboratory. Test results are returned, whether positive or negative, to the resident within 48 hours. You do not need to be symptomatic, quarantining, or have been in proximity to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in order to receive this testing. If you have been tested and have not received your results within 48 hours, or have additional questions, please call 617-745-2100, extension 513.

Residents can also receive free COVID-19 testing at any of the Stop the Spread sites throughout the Commonwealth. For a complete list of Stop the Spread testing sites in Massachusetts, please visit www.mass.gov/stopthespread.