Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Information For Families

Making the Hard decisions

With this hard time, that will be approaching their are many things to think of. You must decide what clothes, you want them to wear, if you want an open or closed casket, if you want them to be cremated, is their any religious views that you want to be incorporated into the funeral service, and where do you want them to be buried? Make sure through this whole process that you help each member of the family grieve. Don't let discomfort allow you from helping someone, now more than ever the family will need your support (smith, 2016).
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How To Deal With the Actual Funeral

Every family will have to make these decisions together, working together will make the process go by much smoother. If there are any religious views that you would like to be incorporated into the service we will be glad to add those in, to meet your needs. Make sure that everyone in the family is involved in the funeral planning, no one should feel left out, if they are immediate family (Open to Hope Foundation, 2016). allow everyone to grieve their own way, because no one will do it the same, and this will not be an easy day for anyone,

How to Deal With the Stress of Planning

With our funeral home, we like to make this process as stress free as possible, so any needs that you want met we will work as hard to make this the most meaningful and memorable funeral in the most positive way that it can be. We will work through everything to allow you to make sure that all of the needs are met, and that is our number one goal. Make sure that you tell us how you would like everything done, and how you want everything to look, such as the flowers, open or closed casket, and what kind of music, and who will be speaking.
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If you have any further question, do not be afraid to call, or come on in, we are a very friendly and welcoming staff, and will make sure that all of your needs are met. Phone Number (555) 555-5555.