Watkins Professional Learning

September 24, 2014


Frame the Afternoon


The System- Stay in The Lane

Levels of Trust

Response To Intervention- Second Step in the System: Student Identification

Three groups of students will be considered during your first RtI campus team meeting.

 Group 1 - Students who fall below 25% in a given measure in the BOY testing

 Group 2 - Students who were in the campus RtI program at the end of 2013-14 school year.

 Group 3 - Students who failed STAAR during 2013-14 school year.

Complete Recommendation forms for Step 1

Wrap it Up

WE Will: Analyze data (Aims Web, DRA, LSI) for all students in grades 1-4.

I Will: recommend students for RTI Steps 1 &2 and develop small group instructional groups for reading and math.

Materials : Lap top, Data Analysis Sheet (goggle doc.) 3rd grade STAAR data (4th grade only)