Secretary of the Interior

By Shamar Marshall

What is a secretary

A Secretary is a person who gets voted in the executive branch to assist the president.

What Do They Do

Together secretarys form group known as the president's cabinet to assist the president.

How Did It Start

Presidents have needed people to help them operate the executive branch.

What They are Responsibile for

The secretary is responsible for managing more than 440 million acres of federal land of the U.S. That is 360 national parks and over 500 wildlife refuges.They are also are responsibile for U.S famous battlefields and historic homes.

Where Does A Secretary Work

A building in Washington D.C. called The Department of Interior.

Some Facts

In 1860 Secretary James Harlan fired a poet who was a clerk at the Department of Interior because he did not did not like a book the man had written. The Department of Interior was oringinally in charge of the census and the patient offices. Those responsibilities were transferred to the department of Commerce in 1903.