By Antonio Summaria

What Is Microsoft?

  • Very Popular Operating System.
  • Most Well Selling OS
  • First Version Called MS-DOS
  • Very Wealthy Owner

Some Of The People Who Helped And Made Microsoft!

More About Windows.

  • First Operating System With Actual Windows When You Open An Computer Program.
  • Very Fast Selling OS

Whats Windows?

  • Windows is the top company for personal computing software
  • is the most succesfull company for PC Industries

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Microsoft Vs...

  1. Microsoft is competing with other well know PC Companies.
  • Apple
  • IBM/Lenovo
  • Linux
  1. And for the famous 32 megapixel Windows phone it is going against...

  • Android
  • IPhone
  • Rugby
  • Samsung Galaxy
  1. And Much More......

By The Way...

Bill gates was the most successful business man in the world in the case for hes also the most luckiness businesses guy ever in the personal computing industry.