New Year, New You New Member Bonus

EARN $100 in FREE Product in FEBRUARY!

Why is a 100pv free Rebate a big deal?

As a brand new member ordering every month using the Loyalty Rewards Program, you would have to order $1,000 in product (plus shipping and tax costs) during your first 3 months in order to get 100pv rebate credits!
This is a huge giveaway! By placing $100 Loyalty Rewards order (and not $1,000) you will receive your credits quicker!

New Members Only FAQ

Start your wholesale membership with doTERRA in February and qualify to earn a 100pv rebate.
Q - How do I qualify?
A - Contact the person who shared this flyer with you and Enroll as a new wholesale member in our team with 100pv kit or higher. (Like a Costco membership) Then place a 100pv Loyalty Rewards Order in March.
Q - How do I get my 100pv free rebate?
A - After your March order of 100pv processes, your free 100 credits will automatically be added to your account. Contact your enroller to learn how to redeem these credits for free product. It's equivalent to $100 in free oils!
Q - Do I have to order every month?
A - No. After you place your March order, you can cancel at anytime. FIRST redeem your rebate credits. You will still get your 25% discount as a wholesale member.
Q - What other benefits do I get as a member?
  • 1 year access to discounts and specials
  • Access to free product of the month
  • 50-100% free shipping rebate program
  • Access to a community network of essential oil users
  • Free continuing education through in-person classes and online
  • Free membership training and wellness consultation
  • Doctor and Science based education
  • Free mentoring program to earn income
  • Business Opportunity through sharing natural wellness
  • Supporting global economy through Co-Impact Sourcing
  • Opportunity for Humanitarian trips

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What happens after I enroll?

I received my kit, now what?

You'll be connected to our private facebook community of essential oil users! You'll receive an abundance of resource information so you can start working on your wellness goals right away! You'll also want to schedule your free member overview and wellness consult within a week. We'll answer your questions about how to use resources to look up your wellness goals. We'll make sure you know how to edit your March order and process it to get your 100pv Rebate!
Do you have a friend, family member or co-worker who wants the same deal you're getting? Invite them to meet up and become a member, too. They'll join you and you'll receive a check for their order. We can teach them the basics about essential oils and answer their questions for you. This is a great way to get your kit paid for!

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Building a community to live healthier, happier lives, committed to using safe, natural and effective solutions and educating others to do the same!
~ Wendi & John Hembree

Why are so many turning to natural forms of wellness?

Using essential oils to overcome pain and inflammation.
Chidimma Ozor - Lupus
Science fair - Spencer Shipman
What is a doTERRA Essential Oil?