Agatha Christie

By: Alyssa Robar


Partners In Crime is a novel about Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. They buy an old bankrupt detective agency. Then they find out there are clues to bust Russian spies. They go on a mission to find out more about the Russian spies. Possibly catch them before anything bad happens. The mood is suspenseful because they are constantly trying to gain more clues.


This story takes place in England during World War I.

Analysis of the Mood

  • Quote #1

    • “Choking, he lost consciousness…”

      • This is suspenseful because you don’t know what just happened or who did it. Also you don’t know if he died or just passed out.

      • Page 48

  • Quote #2

    • “But his arm was jerked down sharply. At the same time he felt something hard and round being poked between his ribs.”

      • This leads off a suspenseful mood because the Duke would not have put a gun to just anyone. So either, this isn’t the Duke or Mr. Bunt did something wrong. What did he do? Who was this person? Is it a Russian spy.

      • Page 90

  • Quote #3

    • “He hurried to the bedside, lifted Miss Logan’s hand and uttered a sharp exclamation.”

      • This lead to suspense because you don’t know why he uttered the word, or what the word was. Was Miss Logan dead, or unconscious?

      • Page 161

Elements of Mystery

Mystery Rule Number 6 was used. This element states that there must be a detective in the story. In the story the detective must detect or else it does not follow the rule. This is followed because Tommy and Tuppence are both detectives and they are detecting the clues about the Russian spies. This helps people want to read more and figure out what the 2 detectives found out.

Mystery rule number one was used. Rule number one states that the reader should be at equal with the detective to know what the clues are and should be able to guess the culprit just the same as the detective. Christie uses this by putting the different clues in the dialogue. When Tommy and Tuppence talk about clues it is written in the text as part of their conversation.


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Character Analysis (part 1)

Character #1

Tuppence Beresford, her real name is Prudence. She often leads the way with her impetuous, charismatic nature. Honestly I think she is bossy. But in some cases it is a good thing.

Character #2

Tommy Beresford, his real name is Thomas. Tommy’s slow, considered manner provides the perfect foil. I think he is the brains of their team.

Character #3

Anthony Carter, this is Tommy's uncle. He is head of "The Third Floor" branch of British Military Intelligence. He is trying to help protect Tommy and Tuppence.

Character #4

Albert Pemberton, a chemistry teacher and part time agent for Carter. He lost a hand in a bomb disposal accident. That is where he met Tommy.

Personal Opinion

I liked the suspense it left after each chapter. I liked Tuppence she was my favorite character, I like the way she was portrayed. I did not like the beginning because it was boring. I think it would make a great movie because it already is one.