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Donate your old iPhone and help

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Donate your old iPhone!

Technology has vastly changed the impact we have on the mission field. GPS, communication, instant video/pictures (Jesus Film) all have made a huge difference in bringing the message of the gospel to unreached lands. With Apple's new iPhone 5 release, we're looking for donations for any old iPhone 4s or 4 you may no longer need. This can make a lasting impact on future missions and help in our efforts in bringing the Gospel to remote lands.

Our needs are for 4 total phones:

Please contact us at:

or Call: 1-866-397-5673

Old iPhones can be sent to us here:
Travel the Road
PO Box 3330
Monument, CO 80132

Travel the Road

Travel the Road is a two-fold ministry. First, we actively preach the message of Christ Jesus to remote people groups who have never heard the gospel, or are currently cutoff from active mission work. Second, we document our expeditions and present them in a weekly television series to motivate the church to be active in missions.

By supporting Travel the Road, financially, you enable us to reach the most distant tribes and people groups in the world, so that they might hear the message of Salvation!