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Oct 28, 2022

We are here to do good things for our students, our coworkers, and our community.

We represent qualities such as love, hope, kindness, respect, and responsibility.

Our culture mirrors those attributes. Let’s continue to make our school the best place to work and learn where everyone is inspired to be the best they can be. What we do, we do well.

Let’s keep the courage to shape a bright future for our students.

Calendar Updates

November 8 No School- Election Day, Professional Development for Staff

November 11 Veterans Day

November 15 Picture Retake Day, Brewster PTA Meeting

November 18 Half-day of School

November 22 Thanksgiving recess at end of the day

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WE have two 2 hour recess para educator positions open!

Apply today! Job posting 1256

Early Childhood Special Education Para Educator (7.0 hours)

Apply Today! Job Posting 1327

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Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Positivity Project

Dear Families,

Next week our school community will be focusing on the Other People Mindset of Knowing That My Words and Actions Affect Others. Everything that you say and do can affect others -- and your relationships with them.

Everything we do, say, text, tweet, snap, or post can positively or negatively impact other people. Our words and our actions are our choices to make, but they can have ripple effects long after we make them. Words and actions have the power to lift others up or tear them down, but, our words and actions also impact ourselves. When a group is comprised of individuals who are thoughtful about their words and actions -- individuals who show respect and consideration for the people around them -- we’re likely to have a happier and healthier culture.

To practice and encourage the character strength of perspective with your child, please visit the Positivity Project’s P2 for Families (password: P2), where together you will watch a video, read a quote, and talk about the answers to three questions.

Have a wonderful week!

Special News Bulletin by 5th Grade Princi-PALS

Brewster Elementary 2022

October News

The latest news at Brewster Elementary by a group of fifth grade, Princi-PAL leaders!

For our first ever newsletter we thought it would be a good idea to kick it off with some book recommendations for all grades so with the cold weather rolling in kids will have some good books to stick their noses into. So Brewster’s rather fabulous press interviewed 2 kids from each grade level to find some wonderful books that will be sure to hook you up. Enjoy!

-Nada. O, Mila. T, Caleigh. G, Madison. U, Swara. D, Olivia K and Daniel. R

AKA: The Brewster Press. :)

Kindergarten Favorites- Interviewer: Olivia K

Thank you Om and Eleanor for letting me interview you! Thank you Mrs. Schneider and Mrs. Snider for letting me interview your students!

This month we interviewed Om From Mrs. Schneider's class

Om’s Favorite Book Is called "Little Critters". He likes this book because it is silly! The dad gets locked up in a room and they have to call the police for help and then they send the fire department to rescue Dad. Om’s favorite part is when Dad gets locked up. He recommends this book to 1st and 2nd Grade.

This month we were also able to interview Eleanor from Mrs. Sniders class Eleanor’s favorite Book is "The Dot". "The Dot" is about a girl who thinks she can not draw. During art class she does nothing. The art teacher asks what is wrong. This girl says she cannot draw. The art teacher told her to make a dot then to sign it. The girl's dot becomes famous. Now she draws a ton of dots and her work is known far and wide. A boy comes along and asks how she is so good at drawing. Eleanor recommends this book to families and siblings.

1st grade Favorites- Interviewer: Nada O.

This month we were able to interview Ariya M. from Mrs. Balent’s class

Ariya’s favorite book is about a dog named pig the pug. Ariya liked the book and described it as “silly and funny”. Pig the pug loves to go outside but does not like going to school so he hatches a plan to escape school and take all his puppy friends out to play. The way Ariya described the book made me want to read it too. I think I would recommend this book to kids K-5th grade everyone should read it.

This month we were also able to interview Max from Mrs. Owens class

Max’s favorite book is "Elephant and Piggie". Max liked this book because it is also silly and funny. Elephant and Piggie see a squirrel surprise his friend and they think it would be a good idea to surprise each other they get the same idea and walk around the big rock but can’t see each other so they surprise each other when they call for each other, and I recommend this to all elementary grade levels

Second Grade Favorites - Interviewer: Swara D.

Mrs. Scharf’s Class

Thank you to Connor and Mila for letting me interview you!

And to Mrs. Scharf for letting us interview two fabulous students from second grade!

This month we interviewed Connor H. from Mrs. Scharf’s class. Connor’s favorite book is "Pokemon". ( it is like a trading card game.) He likes the book because it has cool pictures and he likes the characters. He thinks that you should read it because “ it is a cool game and the book has lots of words”. He also likes the “movies because they are cool and they are long”. Connor recommends this book to second and third graders. Connor has some different choices he recommends while my other interviewee Mila P. has different choices too.

Today we also interviewed Mila P. from Mrs. Scharf's class.

She likes the book "Puppy Pirates". She says that "Puppy Pirates" is a book where puppies are sailing the ocean. The puppies are like pirates and they sail the ocean. One of the Puppy Pirates in that crew gets seasick. He tries to face his fear but gets seasick again. He meets a friend named Cookie. Mila likes the part when the puppy meets a new friend named Cookie.

Third Grade Favorites- Interviewer: Caleigh G.

Special thank you to the third grade teachers and students!

"Agent Nine" by James Burks- interviewee Aiden from Ms. Gaura’s class


SUMMARY- Agent Nine is trying to stop King Crab from making the whole world into a giant waterpark.

CHARACTERS- Agent Nine, King Crab, and O (who is the leader of the agents)

I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK BECAUSE- Aiden would recommend this book because he likes the pictures in the story and the way the characters solve the problem.

FAVORITE PART- When Agent Nine eats her yogurt treats.

"Class Dismissed" by Alan Woodrow- interviewee Dani A., from Mr Miserlian’s class


SUMMARY- the students have a teacher named Mrs. Bryce and when one of the students puts too much vinegar in the volcano (this after many other disasters- the class is probably the worst in the school) she decided to quit. The receptionist should have heard Mrs. Bryce send a voicemail that she quit, but in some other chaotic happening, she’s not there and only the students know Mrs. Bryce quit. The students vote and decide to stay quiet about the fact that they have no teacher. A girl named Maggie takes charge. She’s super smart and wants to go to Harvard. Things are going good until...They have to perform a play and lose the script on the night they’re supposed to perform. Can they stay hidden or will the fact that they have no teacher be revealed to everyone?

CHARACTERS- Maggie, Kyle, Mrs. Bryce, Eric, Adam, Samantha, Lizzie,& Mr Wolcott

FAVORITE PART- Her favorite part is the play. Dani likes the twists and turns and suspense.

I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK BECAUSE- Dani would recommend this book because the book is exciting and Dani likes how suspenseful it is.

Fourth grade favorites-Madison U

Thank you Mrs. Norred, Mrs. Hong, Jonathan and Kayla.

Jonathan: favorite book, "Minecraft Battle of the Nether".

Summary: A boy finds out the nether is coming and has to prepare for it. He has to collect food and supplies, will he make it out alive?

What do you have in common with the character ?: 1. Kindness, 2. Helpful, 3.Good at making friends, 4. Loves video games.

Kayla: favorite book, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone".

Summary: Harry learns that he is a wizard and goes to Hogwarts, what adventures will he have!

Fifth Grade Favorites - Interviewer: Mila T.

Thank you Jakob P. and Samantha B. for letting me interview you and thank you to both Mr.Benson and Mrs.Perry for showing such great support for this project.

I interviewed Jacob P. and he said that his favorite book is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Getaway". Which is the 12th book in the series "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". There are 17 books in all. Jacob says he liked this book because it's packed with action and it's also very funny and it's a great novel. The book is about Greg and his family going on a vacation on a tropical island but the tropical vacation isn't all fun. Sun poisoning, stomach trouble, and poisonous critters make the vacation very interesting. Jacob's favorite part is when Greg is on the plane to the island. So read this astonishing novel and international best seller by Jeff Kinney.

Another book that had been favored by one of our Brewster Bulldogs is "Restart". Samantha B. said that she very much enjoyed reading Restart because it was very emotional and the first time she read it Samantha actually cried. But Restart is also a happy book. It's about a boy named Chase Ambrose who falls off his roof and when he wakes up in the hospital he has total amnesia, meaning he can't remember anything! When he goes back to school, some people wonder about him. Some think he's amazing, some are worried, and some people hate him. One girl even threw her lunch on his head. So read this amazing and astonishing novel by the #1 bestselling author of swindle and slacker, Gordon Korman.

Staff Favorites- Interviewer Daniel R.

Our first staff recommended book is "Because of Winn Dixie" by Kate DiCamillo. Mrs. Norred recommends this book!

Mrs. Norred recommended this book because it is a great book and it has a lot of

imagination in it. It would be great for fourth graders and fifth graders.

The second staff favorite is "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and is recommended by Mrs. Gaura. She recommended this book because it is imaginative and fun. It is about a boy that was about to be killed by dark magic when he was little but lived and he became famous as, “the boy who lived”. In the wizard world that is. His parents died and he was raised by his muggle aunt and uncle. But was treated like rubbish by them...will you read more to find out what happens? Enjoy a great book soon!

Media Update

Media Update by Mrs. O'Rourke Oct. 2022

Battle of the Books-planning ahead!

The kickoff event at RHPL on Wednesday, November 9.

Battle of the Books for all 5th graders in the Rochester Hills Public area. The event will take place on Saturday, March 18 at 2 pm at the Rochester High School gymnasium. This is a great program & we will have more info available after the Liberian comes to Brewster to introduce the program Nov. 4th, but save these dates now. 😊

The Specials Team is on Facebook! Please follow us at

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Brewster PTA

Green School

Halloween is super fun, but there is so much candy! If you feel that way please know that your Green School Committee will be collecting any candy you would like to part with from October 31 to November 7. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Brewster Reads

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying some good books and spending time reading since the start of school. Each month starting on the 25th reporting for that month can be entered into the form in the store on Toolkit and will be open until the 5th of the next month. This year only electronic copies will be accepted and instead of 25 minutes per day the goal is 500 total minutes for the month. If you have any question please reach out to Kellie Newman or Katie Baron Happy reading Bulldogs!

Ski Club is coming soon!

Brewster Ski/Snowboard Club will host an info session on Monday November 7th at 7pm EST on Zoom. Please register at the link below to receive the Zoom link by email on the date of the Zoom!
Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Happy Skiing!

Committee Chairs Needed

We have a great group of families at Brewster and we need your help! We have the following committee chairs open or in need of a co-chair. Please reach out to if you are interested in helping or learning more!

Founders Day

Nominating co-chair

PAC Rep co-chair

Reflections co-chair

VP of Fundraising

We are sad to announce that Rachael has decided to resign as VP of Fundraising as her work schedule has increased. If you are interested in joining the board please let us know. Please send an email to for more information.


We will have a presentation by our Be SMART committee at our November PTA meeting. Please see the attached flyer for more information.


Our Adopt-a-Book program is up and running for the year! If you are interested in adopting a book for your child please fill out the form in the Membership Toolkit Store.


The theme for this year is Show Your Voice! Please find the rules and the entry form below. All entries must be received to by November 18.

If you have time to volunteer to help this program we are in need of a committee co-chair as more than one person would be great. Please reach out to for more information.

Membership Toolkit

Membership Toolkit is a website and app used by the Brewster PTA. On Membership Toolkit you can find a Brewster directory, calendar of events, and make secure purchases. You do not need to be a PTA member to use most of the features on Membership Toolkit. To create an account, you need to go the website first. Once you create your account on the website, you can download the app on your mobile device. If you already use Membership Toolkit, please log in to update your student’s information for the new school year. Use this link to create or update your account

Brewster Facebook Group

The Brewster Facebook group is a great way to connect with Brewster families and learn about upcoming events. If you are a member of the Brewster Facebook group, please send an invite to Brewster families that are not yet members. For the safety of our students, the Brewster Facebook group is private. To join, you need to be a current Brewster family and answer the questions to join the group.

Join the PTA

You can join the PTA by going to the store on the Membership Toolkit app or clicking this link Join the Brewster PTA. By joining the PTA you will have access to the Brewster directory on the Membership Toolkit website and app.

Annual Fundraiser

The Brewster PTA has launched its Annual Fundraiser and a yellow flyer came home with your oldest child at Brewster. Our hope is to pivot from ongoing fundraising activities throughout the year that support Brewster students, teachers and staff, to a one-time donation made by each family at the beginning of the year. To make a donation use this link General PTA Donation or go to the store on Membership Toolkit. While there is no set amount that we are requesting, as we are sensitive to every family’s financial capacity, we hope and suggest the following amounts: $60 per family with one Brewster student or $85 per family with two or more Brewster students.

PTA Board Names and Contact Information

President – Jackie Bieber

VP of Fundraising –

VP of Membership – Michelle Endres

Treasurer – Susanna Brennan

Secretary – Grant Kosch


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Brewster Reads!

2022-2023 Brewster Reads Program

Starting October 1, we’d like to invite all students to participate in the 2022-2023 Brewster Reads program! Students who choose to participate log 500 minutes of reading during the month and report on the Membership Toolkit app for a monthly prize and entry into a year-end raffle. For more details, please find our introductory letter and minute tracker attached to this newsletter. Questions can be sent to Katie Baron ( or Kellie Newman (

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District Opportunities

Welcome to a new school year! The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Parent Network (DEIPN) is excited to continue our work together this year!

Please mark these future meeting dates on your calendar:

Monday, November 21

Monday, January 23

Monday, February 27

Monday, March 20

Tuesday, April 18

Monday, May 15


Parents who support, encourage, celebrate diversity, and human connections across all boundaries of difference within Rochester Community Schools. We are purposed to make RCS an environment where diversity is authentically included and equally respected in all aspects of the student’s experience. Where all students, especially those who have been historically marginalized, can fairly and equally achieve their full potential to build meaningful productive lives in a global society.

Stay Connected!

Please make sure to follow us on Twitter and check our school website for important school celebrations and updates!