Connor Wolff and Sam Sedivy

Chapter 5

"I issued into the streets, pacing them with quick steps, as if I sought to avoid the wretch whom I feared every turning of the street would present to my view. I did not dare return to the apartment which I inhabited"

-Victor had just created the monster and fled his home in disgust. After all the hard work he had put into his project at the end he finally realized the grave consequences. Instead of taking quick action to destroy the monster while he still could, Victor ran away into the city and hid from the monster.

Chapter 10

"Do your duty towards me, and I will do mine towards you and the rest of mankind. If you will comply with my conditions, I will leave them and you at peace; but if you refuse, I will glut the maw of death, until it be satiated with the blood of your remaining friends."

-The monster is telling his creator to respect him and treat him like a human being. The creature really has nothing in this world except for Victor, so in a way he looks up to him like a father figure. It is Victors job not only as a scientists, but a parent to try and make a better life for the monster. The monster tells Victor that if he doesnt comply with his request (a new lady friend) that the blood of his friends will be shed. Victor ends up destroying the monster's mate and pays for it when everybody around him he loves is slowly killed by the monster. Victor was forewarned of this horror and if he was more responsible maybe his loved ones would still be alive.

Chapter 17

-"I do refuse it," I replied; "and no torture shall ever extort a consent from me. You may render me the most miserable of men, but you shall never make me base in my own eyes. Shall I create another like yourself, whose joint wickedness might desolate the world. Begone! I have answered you; you may torture me, but I will never consent."

-Victor does not want to create another monster for many reasons. He is afraid of what she will become, there is no telling what the psyche of a lady monster will be like. She may be a thousand times more aggressive than his first creation and what if she wanted little monster babies? Victor knows that if he doesn't make a mate the monster will try to hurt him and the ones around him but he makes the noble decision to protect the whole of humanity and put himself into danger.

Chapter 20

"As I sat, a train of reflection occurred to me which led me to consider the effects of what I was now doing."

-Victor is reflecting on his past actions and trying to find peace in his mind. What he has done is no doubt immoral but he has taken responsibility for the situation. Everything is slowly eating away at Victors health and consuming his whole life. He doesn't live the same way that he did before the creature was made and know all he does is worry about the monster.

Chapter 22

"I avoided explanation and maintained a continual silence concerning the wretch I had created. I had a persuasion that I should be supposed mad, and this in itself would forever have chained my tongue. But, besides, I could not bring myself to disclose a secret which would fill my hearer with consternation and make fear and unnatural horror the inmates of his breast. I checked, therefore, my impatient thirst for sympathy and was silent when I would have given the world to have confided the fatal secret. Yet, still, words like those I have recorded would burst uncontrollably from me. I could offer no explanation of them, but their truth in part relieved the burden of my mysterious woe."

-In this quote Victor is talking about how he feels that the monster is his secret abomination. The rest of the world is ready for the monster yet and he has to keep him in hiding. All of the secrecy is taking a large toll on Victors health but he is doing what he has to in order to make the world a better place. Victors sacrifices show the reader how responsible he really is.

Chapter 22

"Alas! My father," said I, "how little do you know me. Human beings, their feelings and passions, would indeed be degraded if such a wretch as I felt pride. Justine, poor unhappy Justine, was as innocent as I, and she suffered the same charge; she died for it; and I am the cause of this—I murdered her. William, Justine, and Henry—they all died by my hands."

-Victor is not proud by any means of his production. At first he started by investigating scientific principles but his studies got out of control. Now 3 people around him have died due to his creation and he feels that their deaths are his fault.
Citizenship in the United States means a lot of things. We are guaranteed rights that gives us freedom and respect. In Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein Victor created a monster that he was responsible for taking care of. After the initial shock of scientific success, he realized that he wasn't ready to become a father and was disgusted with his work. As a citizen in the US their are certain responsibilities that are requested of us to uphold. Such as respecting federal, state, and local laws, participating in the democratic process, and defending the Constitution/Bill of rights. We do these things in order to ensure America remains a free and prosperous nation. Victor on the other hand couldn't handle the responsibilities that were bestowed upon him. His carelessness endangered the people around him and slowly ruined his life. If he were to take charge of the monster and fulfill his responsibilities maybe things wouldn't have ended so badly for him. People who fulfill their duties to the country generally do better off and have a nice life.