Kayla Bergerson Noha 7

Nature of Work

I will...

* direct people

* write scripts, run auditions

* create television shows, and films.

* I would work in an office or on set and sometimes sound stages.

* Creativity and patience is needed.


* University of Southern California: School of Cinematic Arts;

* American Film Institute: Los Angeles;

* California State: Sacramento, CA.

* Many of these schools have well applauded courses and programs.

Personal Impression.

* You get to put your thoughts on the screen.

* Your work can be applauded.

* You get to do different things every day.


* If you are an independent film producer, then it will be based on how successful your films are.

* If you are working for a company it will be determined by how well you've done in the past.

* Starting wage could be 36K.

* Some television show directors earn 100K/ episode.