Gifted and Talented News

By Lenora Barnes 5/6/16


This week the kindergarten students worked on more rhyming word puzzlers for warm up and continued to learn how to solve logic problems. This week's problem was about different kinds of weather. The students at MRE and LSE completed a shape lesson and activity from Mensa For Kids. The students at MES will complete this lesson next week. The last part of class was spent coding. The students really seem to be enjoying coding and are doing a great job with it. This week the students at MES learned about giftedness and completed the lesson that they missed last week.

The first and second graders started class with a journal question and discussion. The students then completed an online survey that I created so I could get their feedback about our class. Then the students spent time working on their research and scripts in preparation for filming their animal projects. Some classes also had time to code.

During the third and fourth grade classes, the students spent time answering and discussing the journal topic. This group completed two surveys for me, one about the class and the other about the independent study project. We also read two more chapters in our read aloud book. In the book that we are reading, the four main characters must send and receive messages in Morse Code from the island that they are on to the mainland. This week most of the classes (LSE, MRE, SCE) had the opportunity to simulate this task. The students were grouped into teams and were given three numbers and a variety of shapes in multiple colors. The teams were then divided into senders and receivers and were given a few minutes to practice Morse Code using the flashlights on their phones. After that time was up, they were given a set of six tasks to communicate and accomplish. Most groups struggled at first, but were then able to problem solve and develop strategies to make their process more effective. The students also worked on coding as time allowed.


5/9 - 5/10/16 No GT Class Due To STAAR Testing

5/19/16 Last Day Of GT Pullout Class For This School Year


The article below addresses the needs of gifted children and ways for parents and educators to work together to meet those needs.

Ideas For Summer

As boredom sets in this summer, your child might like to try some of the activities below.
Students ages 8-18 are invited to submit their finest creative works in the areas of creative writing, visual arts, music composition, and invention. Submissions are accepted through August 20, 2016.
Tech Rocket is a website that has courses in computer coding, video game design, and graphic design. Some of the courses have a fee, but there are several in each category that are free. There is also an arcade that has many free puzzle games.