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Not A Parking Ticket | Edition 16 | April 12, 2016

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BREAKING: PHOENIX, ARIZONA LAUNCHES TODAY! Shoutout to Regional Manager Adam Buys - good luck and wear sunscreen! (Really, wear sunscreen, your skin is fair.)

Here's the Puff-1-1

Most startups have, as far as structure and company organization go, one thing in common: a strong core team, and a not-as-strong secondary team that work independently from one another. goPuff is not most startups. We're one collective team. We're not just coworkers, we're partners. Besides, being like everyone else is like, so 2004 (Juicy Couture tracksuits and Ed remember).

That being said, EXPECT TO BE PUSHED. Complacency never got anyone anywhere. Big things are coming up: alcohol in DC, Seattle and Phoenix by next week, Chicago in May. As we approach these milestones, remember that you are not just appreciated, but a core part of this business.

PS: No, the puff puns aren't going anywhere and yes, they will get cheesier.



Inventory invoices that aren't sent to Philly immediately just sit there in the warehouse AKA money you could've used for those new J's is just sitting there AKA those Hot Pockets that stoned Chad could be making sweet love to is just sitting there AKA instead Chad's GrubHubbing some scrub cheesesteak. That just got out of control. So keep your invoice management under control.

It's easy!
1. Receive your shipment.
2. Cross reference your inventory with your invoice (highlighters are a beautiful thing).
3. Scan your invoice.
4. Send your invoice to Lauren at! She's super friendly! (CC Danielle and Jori in your emails at &


USE "OUT OF STOCK" SHEET (Attached in Email)
  • Update it every day shift by shift
  • Communicate with Supply Chain at the start of the day if something is out


Just think to yourself, "would my mom approve?"


Note which product is which on the extra stacked boxes of inventory (whenever you stack them in your warehouse) so you can easily replenish and restock.


Tell/ask the customer:

  1. Are they using iOS or Android?
  2. Have they downloaded the latest update?
  3. What problems they are specifically experiencing?
  4. What's their sign?
  5. Are they a dog or cat person?
  6. Do they believe in love at first sight?

...these very important details help the developers attack any glitch in the app.


  1. If a driver can't make his/her shift, he/she must find another driver to cover them & contact the manager who creates the schedule in each city.
  2. A no call, no show is so unacceptable. Fire the driver who doesn't show up. Letting someone go who can't handle it does more good than it does bad!

Managers: if you're dealing with a disgruntled customer and offer them a voucher but don't make it on the spot, email with the customer's email & the voucher amount so I can follow up and send it to them!

TOP: NERDS ROPE. BOTTOM: SLIM JIM. We're about one vegetarian away from a lawsuit. Double check products when you're packing orders!


We'll be giving away packs with candy, lighters, greeting cards and more. More info to come!

Regionals: keep an eye on the Marketing GroupMe (we added you yesterday) for updates on this. You'll also want to keep an eye on that group message unless you want to wake up one morning to all-day promotion for half a pint of ice cream with a Cheez-It on the side with every order.

Thursday, April 14: Pace Career Fair (NYC)
Saturday, April 16: Penn Spring Fling (Philly) & DC Beer Fest


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SPOTLIGHT: Water Cooler

Philly's newest team joined the office at a crazy time. Get to know it (gender neutral - it's 2016, people) here.

Note: I've refrained from most water puns or references because nearly all of them purport a "that's what she said."

How did you come to pursue a career at goPuff?

I heard that goPuff was wasting an inordinate amount of water bottles, and also heard that Jorida had been snooping around on some sketchy Amazon sister websites for an alternative, so I milked my 4 and a half star rating all the way to the first page of the search results. Goodbye dingy storage warehouse, hello goPuff! I mean...goodbye convenience store. Damn it.

Tell us about your day-to-day responsibilities. What exactly do you do here?

It’s pretty simple. I basically chill all day and only do my job when someone is literally pushing me to. Kind of just like the warehouse guys. Just kidding! They actually work really hard. Much harder than me.

How do you like it here?
I love it! My last job at Postmates was a real shitshow, so this is a nice upgrade. They were always using me to make Cup of Noodles for lunch because they couldn’t even afford their own service.

What’s your favorite part about working at goPuff?

The varying personalities. You never know what you’re gonna see, it's like an unedited version of an MTV reality show that didn't get picked up for a second season. Simon’s always filling up his protein shakes (today's flavor: wheatgrass). I can never tell if the Albanians are fighting or just speaking Albanian. Also, watching everyone try to figure out how to install a new jug of water never gets old. All these college degrees and you're still getting schooled.

What's your motto?

"Water thoooose?!?"

How are you adjusting to the goPuff culture?

Not to boast but, everyone loves me. My arrival has basically made expired chips a Z list celebrity. However, I realize I'm not the easiest personality - I'm hot and I'm cold, but I promise to always keep the glass half full.

Biggest challenge?

I know all the goPuffers would say that there's never any cups, but that seems like a personal problem to me.

What trends are you into these days?

I don't really follow trends, unlike Britas, but thank God the #nofilter craze is over. F*cking gross.

Future plans or goals?

I'm hoping for a corner office in the new warehouse. AS IF I didn't notice how I was strategically placed next to Jasmine the plant, as if to create some pseudo eco-friendly corner. And be forewarned: if Raf and Yakir plan on installing an in-refrigerator water system in the new place, you can expect my immediate resignation. Which I'll need someone to sign for me since, you know, I don't have hands.

You can pick one question to be asked in this interview. What is it?

Deer Park or Poland Spring?

Now answer it.

Neither. Both are peasantry. Can someone on Supply Chain please hook it up with a 5 gallon VOSS?!