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January 13, 2017

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Students & Staff Inspired by Dr. Michael Fowlin

On Tuesday, Tamanend welcomed Dr. Michael Fowlin to share his presentation entitled "You Don't Know Me Until You Know Me." Dr. Fowlin challenged us to be kind and look past stereotypes in a way that was creative and thought-provoking. A psychologist and actor, he shared his insight and experiences by bringing to life five different characters. He inspired us to see ourselves and others for our individual beauty instead of differences. After the presentation, Tiger's Eye groups talked about Dr. Fowlin's presentation, what it meant to them and what it means for our Tamanend school community. To continue the conversation at home, here are a few questions you could ask: What character had the biggest impact on them? What small thing they think they could do each day to make a big difference in the lives of others?

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Recent Tamanend Alumna Presents to PEN Students

Sophia S, CB South Junior and graduate of Tamanend, presented a seminar to our PEN students on the topic “Creativity + Grit + Growth Mindset = Science.”

A Few Friendly Reminders

On Monday, we went over the following reminders on our Tamanend Today Show:

Water Only: We allow... we even encourage students to bring water to school. We especially encourage bringing reusable containers and using our water bottle filling stations. Water is good for us. It is especially good for our brains to stay hydrated by drinking water. We do NOT allow students to drink other beverages such as Gatorade or coffee during or between classes. If students drink those beverages, we ask that they do so before arriving to school. Students can pack and enjoy a sports drink for lunch but they must finish it before lunch is over. Water doesn’t stain, burn, or attract bugs when it spills. It is just plain healthy and all students need it during and between classes. Thank you for your respectful understanding.

Fire Drills: We are required to have a fire drill each month. Now that we have hit the cold winter months, sometimes the temperature and grounds are not cooperative. We ask that all students always dress appropriately for the weather each and every day, including shoe choice.

Second Marking Period: There are seven school days left in the Second Marking Period. Students were reminded to have all assessments and assignments up to date and reflecting their best effort in learning. We encourage the use of parent/student portal as a springboard for reflection and conversation.

Book News:

From Mrs. Palkovics, TMS Librarian:

Jerry Spinelli is back! In his latest book, The Warden's Daughter, Spinelli tells the story of 12-year-old Cammie O’Reilly whose mother died when she was a baby; Cammie is haunted by her loss and craves a mother figure. It is challenging for the prison warden's daughter to find maternal support. This tale of loss and redemption is like no other. It’s a powerful read!

Meet the Author:

If you are a Spinelli follower, you are invited to hear Jerry Spinelli on January 17th at 7pm at Warwick Elementary School. To reserve seats and a book, call (215-348-7160). The reservation price ($16.00) includes the book and 2 reserved seats or ($20.00) for 3 or 4 family members.

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Background art by 8th Gr student, Shreya K.

Nominate a TMS Student for Boomerang Recognition

CB Cares Educational Foundation recognizes and supports the students of Central Bucks School District for living by the 40 Developmental Assets. This month's asset is #9: Service to Others. Young person values service to others, in their family, school, or community. He/she commits to meaningful and caring actions. Anyone can nominate a Tamanend student. Parents/Guardians, grandparents, neighbors, siblings, friends... the more students nominated, the more there is to celebrate! Please click here to submit your nomination. Nominations are due January 22nd.

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Tamanend Parent Council

Thursday, Jan. 19th, 9am

1492 Stuckert Road

Warrington, PA

Parent Council is an open meeting where all parents are welcome to attend to learn more about Tamanend Middle School. Parent Council typically meets on the third Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. There is no obligation to attend all Parent Councils and there are no elected positions. Parent Council is a forum for parents and school leaders to learn from and with each other, together.

At this month's Parent Council, we will hear from department coordinators and counselors regarding the program planning process.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Save the Dates...

Charity A Cappella Concert

If you love a cappella music, and you want to help a great cause, you won't want to miss this... Next Thursday at CB South at 7 p.m., the South Choir will host a Pop A Cappella Concert to benefit Find Your Instrument. The night features the Tamanend Gold n’ Blues, CB South Southside A Cappella, Drexel University 8 to the Bar, Temple University Owlcappella, and Brown University Jabberwocks a cappella groups. All of these collegiate groups feature Tamanend/South Alumni! The suggested donation is $5 at the door.

VH1 Save the Music Concert

Come out and listen to the unbelievably talented CBSD Teachers and Students as they perform music along the theme of "Dynamic Duos." Performances are on January 27th and 28th and all moneys from ticket sales go to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Werner, our String Ensemble (Friday night), Chieftains, and Gold'n'Blues. Some other CB Music teacher performers you may know are Mr. Nugent, Mrs. Talley, Mr. Gruver, Mr. Cox, Mr. Stellino. and Mrs. Raynor. You will even see some cameos from other Tamanend teachers and administrators! Click here for more VH1 concert information and to purchase concert tickets.
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