Law of Sci-fi-nation


Hello my name is Tanequa Armstrong and i am the head of Sci-fination Lab

Sci-fi-nation is a lab that studies different sources of energy. We study how the energy is formed, how long it will last, and the effects it has on the community. Each year we discover different sources of energy and ask the public to test out the energy source to see their reaction on how good and/or bad it is.

New Discovery

We have recently discovered a new form of energy that is released from the sun.

The energy source is called Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Fusion is an atomic reaction in which multiple atoms combine to crate a single, more massive atom. The resulting atom has a slightly smaller mass than the sum of the masses of the original atoms. The difference in mass is released in the form is released in the form of energy during the reaction, according to the Einstein formula ,where E is the energy in joules, m is the mass difference in kilograms, and c is the speed of light (Approximately meters per second)

We have also discovered....

Nuclear Fission. Nuclear fission is the process in which a large nucleus splits into two smaller nuclei with the release of energy. In other words, fission is the process in which a nucleus is divided into two or more fragments, and neutrons and energy are released.

Safety Concerns

  • Possibility of fuel melt down
  • Radioactive waste (while it is less than fission it is still a concern)
  • Possible release of tritium

Economic Impact

With this new discovery there will be many high economic impacts. Such being:

  • NO energy limitations
  • Full access without an excess of greenhouse gases
  • Much cheaper
  • This would lead to cheaper cost of energy
  • More people would be able to afford/ access energy