Emiliano Zapata

Peasant hero of the Mexican Revolution

All About Emiliano Zapata

  • Leader of the Mexican Revolution of the early twentieth century, in Anencuilco in the southern state of Morelos and died in an ambush on April 10, 1919.
  • The Zapata family had long been privileged leaders of their community
  • Porfirio Díaz they had begun to lose their lands and their class status eroded.
  • After his martyrdom Zapata was incorporated into the pantheon of Mexican revolutionary leaders.

Positive influence about Emiliano Zapata

  1. In September 1909 Zapata was elected president of the group in Anenecuilco designated to reclaim the community's ejidal lands.]
  2. Emiliano Zapata was born but was not poor , family which dealt in livestock.


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