My American Dream

By: Bailey Goodson

The definition of an American Dream

An American Dream is the idea that every citizen should have an equal opportunity to be able to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination and initiative.

3 Characteristics of an American Dream

  • Joy and Patience

  • Dedication

  • Passionate Learner

A description of MY American Dream

My american dream is to become and expert at animation and a program called MikuMikuDance, MMD for short. I want to be able to create videos that become popular throughout the world and teach others how to create videos easily as well.

Explanation of MY American Dream

In order to make an MMD video it requires a lot of time, patience and dedication. The steps to making an MMD video are as followed. You first must make or find either a song or a model you want to use for the video. After you have done that, if you chose to do the song then you find or make a model, or vise versa. You then want to create a motion after loading both the model and song onto MMD or load a motion, which is a programmed sequence of moves that the model performs, that was already created. Next create or find a stage to go with the video and then add a camera and effects. The stage, camera, and effects are optional but recommended to be professional.

The amount of time it takes to create a model differs from 2 days to 3 weeks usually to make it good quality. Creating a song takes anywhere from the same time as creating a model to even longer, depending on how creative you are. Making a motion for roughly a minute long video takes 4 or more hours to just add it to the program itself, that doesn't include the time it takes to come up with it or to perfect the motion. Perfecting the motion doesn't mean just making sure that the model isn't showing any errors with the motion, it involves making sure the model moves in time to the song, any glitches in the motion, the model moves smoothly and moves like a normal person would, and moves at the same rate a person would for the song. This can make perfecting the motion from 4 or more hours to it being at least 9 or more. Creating a camera takes roughly an hour to 3 hours depending on the speed of the song and how active you want the camera to be. Most animators who use MMD use effects that have already been created by other people so picking the effects you want to use for your video. It can take anywhere between a minute to 45 minutes, if you already have all the effects you are going to use and you can't decide what to choose. If you don't have them already then it can take 20 minutes to roughly an hour and thirty minutes, depending on how fast you find them and how fast your internet is. Same with the stages.

Another thing to consider when making an MMD video is how many times you have to play the song in order to perfect your video. It is normal to play the song at least 30 times or more to create the motion. For the camera and effect it usually takes at least 12 times for the song to be played.

The total amount of time it normally takes to create a MMD video from scratch is roughly anywhere from a week or more to a month. This is constant work for 6 hours straight without breaks.

The number one skill required for my skill is patience with creativity.

MMD Photo

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PMX Editor photo

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Explanation of my symbol

My symbol is a photo of MMD which is the program used to animate the models in anyway you want, and PMD Editor which is the program you use to make the model.

My most popular English video, and of all time, using MMD

MMD Timber Galaxy Fairy Models

My most recent video

MMD Eden (Neku feat. Lucia) Rain Rin