Gifties Offer For Brands

Distribution Platform That Is Actually Fun To Use

What is Gifties?

In general Gifties is a fun Facebook Application that allows users to send and share virtual icons that can become real. Using points, friends can “buy” their friends something cute for their birthday, or any occasion, that surprisingly can become a real gift. The Gifties Application has a viable community that is growing rapidly.

What can we do for your Brand?

Playful and Visual way to bring more awareness of your Brand

We can turn any object into beautiful animated Giftie and help you spread the word around, fast. Using a patent pending technology we allows users to win while the brand can control its budget by adjusting the odds of winning that way the Brand can make sure people will win within the budget setting.

Lets See How This Works:

Icons turns into REAL gifts

What we need from you when using Gifties is to provide us with some sort of swag or item that you'd like to promote (by mail or pickup). It can be a product or a gift card, but most important, it must be something that can be shipped easily.
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What's the point with no points?

Since the whole Application core using virtual points to “buy” more Gifties that can become real, we will treat any user that share your Giftie with extra 1,000 points! That way will make sure he can send your Giftie to more than one person.

Gifties Flow:

After creating your Giftie

We first provide you with a link to place inside your Facebook Page.
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Custom widget

It's a widget that users can play from within Facebook. We create a custom widget for you!
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When a user click on the link from your Facebook page (the 'start' button), he starts a process for sending the gift to his facebook friends.

Branded Popup

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Followed by a second screen

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Sending a gift to a friend

A person can choose to send a gift to friend(s) or himself. When clicking on the 'SEND' button, friends will get a message on their wall.
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What happens when a friend click on the link from his own facebook account?

OH! This is the fun part :)

Clicking on the link will start a 'Real not Real' process using cards that users need to reveal.

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Shipping & Handling

We can also care of all the shipping & Handling for you, making sure your customers get their Gifties as fast as possible.

Analytics Like Never Before

It is very important to us as well as your Brand to know how many users used the app, when, where, how, and through what - We will share this information with you as part of the partnership to allow you learn more about your community.
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What's in it for you?

You probably tried every possible way to promote yourself in Facebook. Actually, everyone is trying the same: Like contests, Ads, or sponsored content. This is why these things are not working as well as before. With Gifties you have a fresh and original way to gain more users/customers traction, likes, and overall a playful way to spread the word about new things.

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