Let's Build a Co-op

From Farm to Table


At this organizational meeting we'll discuss the plans for our future local storefront cooperative...

Please take an evening to attend this meeting to learn all about what we need to do to make this co-op a reality, and how you can become a part of the process, and in turn become a member~owner of the cooperative. Your input as community members is vital at forming this co-op into what we all want.

We will discuss our visits to other co-op's, as well as what progress we have made with incorporating, and we should have more information on getting our feasibility study under way... and how you can be a part of this.

We will also discuss the ways each of you can help... from talking to your friends and family, and bringing them to meetings... to volunteering at informational booths at local fairs and festivals and markets... to future membership drives... to helping with business planning and working with social media... and lastly, but not least, to helping with the physical aspects of the business, such as construction, painting, or whatever it will take once we establish a location.

Community! It's what drives this mission!


Thursday, April 24th, 7-9pm

146 S 5th St

Hughesville, PA

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