The Art of Visual Communication

DSIL VC Session 11 | TUESDAY | 27 October @ 1pm Bangkok

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Featured Speakers: Nathan Volkers, Founder, Jongens van de Tekeningen and Willem Minderhoud Msc

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Session Overview

In this session you will be exposed to new ways to discover your inner artist and explore the power of visualizing thoughts and ideas in a structured way. You will be introduced to visual thinking tools that you can apply to your everyday context.

This session will specifically cover:

  • The basics of Visual Thinking (vocabulary)
  • Functional drawing on a flip-over, whiteboard or anywhere (grammar)
  • Storytelling, framing & using metaphors (story telling & facilitation)


  • Tom Wujec: 3 ways the Brain Creates Meaning
  • George Lucas on Teaching Visual Literacy
  • Tommy McCall on Literacy, Numeracy, Graphicacy
  • Tom Wujec: Build a Tower, Build a Team
Tom Wujec: 3 ways the brain creates meaning
George Lucas on Teaching Visual Literacy and Communications
Literacy, Numeracy, Graphicacy
Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team

Your Next Steps!

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Speaker Profile

Nathan Volkers, Founder AND Willem Minderhoud Msc.; Jongens van de Tekeningen

Both are partner in the firm. Nathan studied Architectural Engineering and Willem has a masters in Industrial Design Engineering, both from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

The firm 'Jongens van de Tekeningen' helps their clients in making complex concepts accessible to discuss, iterate and communicate to a specific audience in a compelling and engaging way. Drawing and, more specifically, visual design thinking is our 'weapon of choice'.

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