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Stance On Immigration

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Some heavily debated topics dealing with immigration are tightened border security, spending on immigration programs, and how long it takes for an immigrant to become a citizen.

Stance on Immigration

What are some problems that plague the immigration system?

The main problem is how long it takes for an immigrant to get into the country. They have to undertake numerous steps before they are even allowed in, and wait even longer before they can become a citizen.

What are the pros and cons of programs that allow immigrants to become citizens?

Some pros are that it helps immigrants to get into the country in a speedier and faster manner. It also may cut down on the amount of illegal immigrants by making the regulations for getting into the country more lenient.

Some cons are that every program costs money, so it would be expensive. Also, many people may not agree with this and may take to racism as their own way of keeping immigrants out of the country.

What are the pros and cons of tightened borders

Some pros of tightened borders are that it reduces the amount of legal and illegal immigrants coming into the country, which in turn opens up jobs for American citizens.

Some cons of tightened borders are that also increases the chance for illegal immigrants. If immigrants cant get into the country legally, then they may take to illegal manners to get into the nation.

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