Pride and Prejudice

By Sydney Blair


In the movie there were many different things that were changed especially in the beginning. For instance when the movie first introduces the new comers they introduce them as a family not just as the two bingley's and Mr. Darcy. Because of this the characters changed and so did some of their attitudes. The Book mentioned Mr. Bingley's sister and her husband and another sister. The sister who was married was not as up-to-do and snobby as Caroline Bingley(in the 2005 movie version), therefore changing a few elements that Jane Austin did not intend(Austen ch. 4). Also as the movie introduces Elizabeth, she is a character that comes off as sharp tongued and a bit rude, whoever that is not the case in the book. She is viewed as sharp and witty and good-humored which is not always the case in the movie. Although there were many different changes in character it did change some of the conflicts that were not really seen in the movie. For instance, since some of the residence in the novel were cut out (some of the Hurst family) which really were key characters. In the book, when Mr. Darcy has written a letter to Elizabeth explain his actions and why he said things against Mr. Wickhem, elizabeth has a whole chapter to her self explaining her train of thought and she went to the chararcters that were cut from the movie and eplained her conflict, which was also apart of the plot(volume 3, ch. 2).

Another element that had another twist, which wasnt all too big, was the setting. the setting was in the very early 1800 in the book but in the novel it was set in the 18th century. The only problem with that was more of how the book described the clothing. For instance, at the very end when Mr. Darcy Aunt comes to the house and she recounts her knowledge of an engagement told to her by Mr. Colins(which the movie crucially leaves out) Elizabeth and Mr. darcy both meet at dawn but are in their bed clothes which would have disgraced the characters in the book because of the time era that it was in.


Although there were many differences between the book and the movie there were also a hand full of similarities. Many of the differences didnt change the theme or the plot of the story. For instance, the way in which the Bennet family is seen. although some of the details did change they were seen as silly and not worth any social standing, which has an affect on how the upper class views the Bennet family. Another scene that was changed was when Mr. Darcy ran after Elizabeth after she fled the chruch because she had just found out what Mr.Darcy had done with her sister and Mr. Bingley. She ran to a bridge while it was raining while in the book she was confronted at Lady Catherines house. Most of the differences had no affect on the similarities.


The story is about a young girl named Elizabeth who doesn't exactly go with the status quo. Most girls in the 18th century groom themselves for marriage, while Lizzy has a tongue and she is strong headed. However when it comes to the new people that have just moved to their town she becomes an item of interest to a "awful" man, but he is of importance to the society. When he falls in love with her, and eventually she with him, the y both have a problem: she is proud and he is prejudice.

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