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Labor Reducing Appliances

What: Devices innovated to fit the needs of the average housewife to reduce manual labor commitment, allowed for more free time

When: Throughout 1950's

Location: Across America

Cause: Led to the creation of household items such as the dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer for clothes, etc.

Reason: Economic boom after war allotted time for technological advancements on commodities and easier living

Result: Made American citizens more reliant on technology instead of physical application

Significance: Started progression for this industry field and businesses such as General Electric, citizens, especially housewives could now persue careers and hobbies to an extent that they never could before

To Whom: The general American population, specifically housewives

Advances in Health

What: Vaccines for polio and typhoid, research in DNA allowing for more potent antibiotics, breakthroughs in surgery

When: Throughout 1950's

Location: Across America

Cause: Vaccinations from ailments, better health awareness

Reason: Flourishing medical knowledge and technology from post-war boom

Result: Less deaths nationwide from disease and illness, burdens of polio lifted from millions of Americans

Significance: Contributed to America's international placehold, forged the way for future advancements

To Whom: All American citizens, eventually the entire world's population