TEDx Coach Update #2

“My Ideas are SIGNIFICANT!”

Need a little more time? Video Due Date is Postponed to April 8th!

The event takes place Thursday, May 19, 2016, but the videos are due on Friday, April 8, 2016. The submission date was set to allow time to evaluate and select the top 20 speakers and audience members. This timeline allows time for the TEDxYouth@Columbus speakers to make final preparations for their talks.

How Can I Inspire My Students?

This TED BY TOPICS link is a great place to find a little inspiration.

Playlist: Speakers with dream jobs

What do you want to be when you grow up? These speakers have staked out the coolest careers — some you probably never knew existed.

Playlist: Young inventors who are changing how we stay healthy

These speakers have big ideas for our health. Meet young people who are taking on cancer, asthma, injuries, even Alzheimer’s with a bold new approach.

Playlist: Toys!

What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? These talks, offer unique insights on the things we play with—from teddy bears to Legos to yo-yos.

Don't forget, students can use this TED TALK RESPONSE Sheet to analyze TED talks.

What Makes a Great TED Talk?

Remind students that great Ted Talks contain the following:

  1. A Story
  2. A Personal Connection
  3. Entertainment
  4. Researched Information
  5. A Global Connection or Relevance
  6. A Call to Action

Do You Have Any Presentation Tips?

This list of preparation tips will go home with the final TEDx speakers. You may find them helpful to review with your students prior to recording their TED Talks.

Will Stephen's Ted Talk shows how even a talk about nothing can be effective if presented well.

Here is a video on Effective Body Language for Public Speaking.

What should be included as Visual Aids or on PowerPoint Slides

Watch TED Ed Lesson #6

PowerPoint slides are not required.They should only be used if they are impactful. Keep the following in mind as you help your students decide about their visual aids.

  • credit any photos

  • slides should not be “over cliparted”

  • do not include a lot of bulleted text

Rethink Your Visuals Lesson #7

How Do I Record Students' Ted Talks?

You can submit up to 8 videos as a coach. If you have more students participating you may need to do some narrowing of the field at your school.

You can record you video any way you choose. It can be done as simply as on your cell phone. The recording quality is not going to be judged. Only the quality of the talk will be assessed. The talks will be judged on the following factors.

  • Topic of Talk
  • Speaker's ability to convey the message
  • Speaker's ability to relate the topic as significant to society

Submit Videos

  1. Use these DIRECTIONS to upload your videos to OneDrive.
  2. Use these DIRECTIONS to upload your video through YouTube.

Where can I find that ......?

Inside the TEDx Informational Packet, you'll find TEDx facts, a suggested meeting plan, and a student journal.

Also, here is a copy of the original memo - TEDx Information Memo and sample parent letter. TEDx Sample Parent Letter

Next Steps

Once the videos are judged and the event speakers are selected, all teachers, parents and students will be notified. Directions with specific event details and information will be emailed to all participants, including audience members.
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Thank you to everyone for taking on this challenge and being willing to offer this opportunity to your students. Since this is the first year for TedxYouth@Columbus, we welcome your critique, suggestions and comments as to what works, what needs to improve and how we can ensure this is a positive experience for our students in the future. Please do not hesitate to email your comments to jgalbreath3825@columbus.k12.oh.us.