Jack the Ripper

The Infamous Unknown Killer

Who, What, When, Where, Why

Jack the Ripper was a notorious serial killer during 1888. He remains unknown because he was never caught. He was famous for brutally mutilating his victims. Brutally ripping their torso open and leaving them. The fact that Jack the Ripper is so unknown makes his murder mysteries that more interesting. Terrorizing the districts of Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Aldgate, and the city of London. Again the murder mysteries were never solved because there were never any leads or clues to who could have done it.

Media Portrayed

During the murders Jack the Ripper brought a lot of attention to the media in England. One thing about him is that he no one ever knew what he looked like

Media Portrayal

During the days of August 7th through September 10th 'Jack the Ripper' filled the papers. He was a celebrity in England for the time being. But his bad rap caused all of England to be in fear

Media Bias

The type of media bias 'Jack the Ripper' brought was bias by headlines. He stayed in the newspaper because of how serious the killings were. He was so mysterious because he was so unknown. People would just wait for the next killing to see where he was.

Criticism #1

The only reasonable type of criticism is historical criticism. 'Jack the Ripper' terrorized England for a whole month. Articles about him flooded news rooms in the 1880's. Learning about this wasn't that hard but there was a voyage to find everything.

Criticism #2

Cultural criticism is portrayed all though out 'Jack the Ripper's reputation. There are numerous books, movies, etc that portrays him. I've never seen anything on him so my knowledge about him is still very much a mystery