Breakfast Club

We can Guarantee that together we can change the World

What is Breakfast Club?

A club that supports peace and harmony between the different social groups within the school community.Breakfast Club encourages inclusive, mutual respect, and school spirit at DMS.
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How do you Join?

Members are recommended by the 6th grade teachers and put through a application and interview process.
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What are the club goals?

To encourage and promote mutual respect among all students, where differences as well as similarities are both enjoyed and valued.To improve the social climate at school. We strive to make every Blue Jay, no matter their background or interests, feel included, include others, and respect their peers. We are all about school pride and student well-being!

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Mr.Faila's contacts

To learn more about Breakfast Club contact Mr.Failla

Mr.Scott's contacts

Contact Discovery Middles schools counselor to more about the club.