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Break Time People!

No matter how many years I live in this world of education, the level of energy that is exuded to go from day one with students to fall break will always amaze me. Now I am not saying that other professions don't require some real stamina ( I'm sure I am biased here), but the physical, emotional, and mental energy you bring to the classroom as you launch your year is to be commended. Your students are so very fortunate to have you pulling for them for these 180 days. I wish you all some "small moments" for yourself on your fall break. - Megan

FEATURE TEACHER - The halls of BSE are filled with expert educators. Here Mrs. Niki Monkul gives Morning Work a Make over!

As an educator, I've always tried to challenge myself and ask reflective questions. My most thought provoking question is always “is this is something that my students really need and are they truly benefiting from it?” Over the years I’ve learned to take a critical look at my teaching and planning to recognize there were activities that my students were just doing to pass the time. Unfortunately and honestly, there were parts of my day that I truly believe were just wasting valuable learning time and high engagement was simply not happening. This was hard to accept. I knew I needed to start making simple, but very effective changes throughout my day.

Now I try to start with higher order questions at the very beginning of the day that really make my students report how they are thinking and what they're wondering about when

given a certain topic or an open ended visual. It took a shift in my thought process as a teacher and it has paid off tremendously!

Read about a couple of easy yet highly engaging ways to kick off the day!

CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE YOU'RE WONDERING HOW MRS. MONKUL CHANGED HER MORNING! She gives us some "I can try this tomorrow" ideas.

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Dr. Ryan Flessner at BSE on Thursday, October 27th

Balance Math Quadrants

  • Problem Solving Problem solving is the application of mathematical concepts in real-world situations presented in word problem format. These problems utilize multiple strategies, and students work to explain their own thinking and analyze others’ work.
  • Number Work Number work includes composing and decomposing numbers, finding and explaining numerical and operational patterns, and communicating how numbers relate.
  • Fluency and Maintenance Fact fluency & maintenance has a goal of automaticity in foundational math facts from all 4 operations.
  • Inspecting Equations Inspecting equations is algebra readiness. It may include, but is not limited to, understanding the equal sign and explaining true and false statements.


Getting down to business. Feel like taking a closer look at our standards straight from the IDOE? If you use the hyperlinks below, you can look at standards by grade level or with vertical articulation. What about taking time as quarter two begins to comb through these to see where you are?

Click here to access the most up-to-date ELA standards from the IDOE.

Click here to access the most up-to-date MATH standards from the IDOE.

Click here to access the most up-to-date SCIENCE & COMPUTER-SCIENCE standards from the IDOE.

Click here to access the most up-to-date SOCIAL STUDIES standards from the IDOE.

Have a strategy, professional book, or instructional idea about which you feel passionately? Maybe YOU should be our next "Feature Teacher"!