Rules Of The Road

What Is Netiquette

Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way to use the internet. Knowing netiquette can prevent you from accidentally hurting someone’s feelings.

Tips on netiquette

Tips and guides.

Avoid overusing emoticons and chat acronyms in work-related emails.

Use formal language when sending professional e-mail messages.

Use correct grammar and punctuation regardless of who you communicate with.

Only use chat acronyms and abbreviations with friends and family.

Use emoticons when appropriate.

Avoid coarse or dirty language.

Avoid using uncommon acronyms and abbreviations.

Use emoticons when they are helpful, but don't overuse them.

Stay on the topic of the thread when posting replies.

Familiarize yourself with each game before playing online.

Join games quickly so you don't hold up others waiting to start.

Use gaming acronyms when communicating during gameplay.

Be Respectful

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