Comet & Asteroid Assignment

By Christian Gray


  • Comets are an object made of ice and dust that gets a "tail" when it gets close to the sun.
  • Comets form when the remains of planets.
  • Comets orbit the sun in a weird oval shaped when planets orbit the sun in a circular shape.
  • From far away, comets look like balls of ice flying through space. From close up they look like rocks letting out gases and dust.
  • The picture to the right is a picture of the comet ISON which scientist figured out recently to be a dud.


This video was made by HISTORY. It is meant to teach the viewer about comets and a little bit about asteroids. It explains how comets have weird orbits. Also, why they get tails when they get close to the sun.

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  • Asteroids are rock in space that orbit the sun. They are to small to be considered planets, so people call them " minor planets".
  • A meteorite is a lot smaller than asteroids and comets. Asteroids are medium sized rocks that orbit the sun. Finally, meteors are referred to the flash of light caused by a meteorite.
  • A near-earth asteroid that has come to close to the earth or has been moved by the earths gravity.
  • One theory is that an asteroid hit our planet and caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.
  • The picture to the left shows an asteroid that came extremely close to the earth on Sunday September 5, 2014


In this article, a Russian astrophysicist discovered a new asteroid that could be on a course to hit the earth.

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