The Franks

Clovis, Pepin the Short, and Charlemagne. By: Brit Wilson

Pepin the Short

1. Pepin the Short established the Carolingian Empire

2. Removed Lombards from Rome and gave the land to the Pope.

3. Appointed his father, Charles Martel, as Mayor of the Palace.


His Accomplishments:

1. Was the first of the three men to convert to Christianity.

2. For most of the things he did, Clovis liked to take things by force, such as creating peace with another empire, he would have rather given the signal to attack.

3. Clovis's tribes took territory from the Roman Empire.


1. Crowned by the Pope as the First Holy Emperor.

2. By reinforcing the laws, he brought more people together.

3. Charlemagne was crowned emperor around 800.

4. Other names he was known by were Charles the Great, King Charles I, and the Father of Europe.

Pepin the Short
Clovis - King of the Franks